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Health and Human Services Council

Health and human services organizations worldwide are implementing smart card enabled identity credentials–“smart IDs”–supporting a wide variety of features and applications.

Numerous health and human services programs have implemented online applications for applicants to apply for social services programs and benefits, including Medicaid, SNAP, WIC, and unemployment. Although there have been improvements to the application process, identity credential issuance continues to lag. Typically, jurisdictions issue multiple, program-specific credentials to the same person. These credentials are not secure and contribute to fraud and abuse. Multiple credentials also increase costs.

Smart card technology enables public and private organizations to streamline operations and reduce costs by issuing a single, secure, multi-purpose credential that can be used for identity and payment, that provides a secure carrier for portable medical records, that provides secure access to emergency medical information, and that enables compliance with government initiatives and mandates.

Smart card technology also enables high assurance identity authentication credentials for patients, citizens, and professionals, in compliance with federal mandates in healthcare and also in support of the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC).

The Secure Technology Alliance Health & Human Services Council brings together human services organizations, payers, healthcare providers, and technologists to promote the adoption of smart cards in U.S. health and human services organizations and within the national health IT infrastructure. The Health & Human Services Council provides a forum where all stakeholders can collaborate to educate the market on the how smart cards can be used and to work on issues inhibiting the industry.

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Health & Human Services Council Activities

The Health & Human Services Council activities stimulate the understanding, adoption and widespread acceptance of single and multi-application smart card technology for healthcare and human services applications.

The Health and Human Services Council activities include:

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Council Management and Membership

The Health and Human Services Council is managed by a steering committee made up of participants from across the healthcare and smart card industry. The Health and Human Services Council steering committee is:

The Secure Technology Alliance recognizes the top three individual contributors in each of the industry councils and the council “honor roll” – the individuals who were leading contributors and participants in the council projects and activities.

Secure Technology Alliance members who are active in the Health and Human Services Council include:

Health and Human Services Council participation is open to any Secure Technology Alliance member who wishes to contribute to the Council projects.

For more information about the Health and Human Services Council or for more information on becoming a member of the Alliance, please contact the Alliance office via email at