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Identity Council

The Identity Council provides leadership and coordination and serves as focal point for Alliance‘s identity and identity related efforts leveraging embedded chip technology and privacy- and security-enhancing software. Directly and in partnership with other Secure Technology Alliance councils, the Identity Council supports a spectrum of physical and logical use cases and applications, form factors, attributes, and authentication and authorization methods. The Council serves to influence standards and best practices, serve as an educational resource, and provide a voice in public policy influencing adoption, implementation, and use.

Key areas of focus for the Identity Council are: identity trust frameworks; digital identity; strong authentication; authorization; and biometrics.

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Identity Council Activities

The Council activities and projects include raising awareness and providing thought leadership and education on real-world issues of implementing and operating identity and identity authentication and authorization systems. The Identity Council also explores appropriate policies, procedures and technologies for the implementation of needed identity solutions. The Council works closely with other Alliance councils to support enhanced value and user experience when implementing embedded chip and other security and privacy enhancing technologies. Activities include:

Identity Council Resources and Publications

Identity Management

Identity Management in Healthcare

Mobile Identity


Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Credentials and FIPS 201

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Identity Council Activities

The Council is currently working on projects to raise awareness of the issues that organizations and the public face in implementing and using identity systems and to promote the use of the appropriate technologies to solve these issues. Council activities include:

Council Management

The Identity Council is managed by a steering committee made up of participants from across the identity, security and smart card industry. The Identity Council officers are:

Current steering committee members are:

Council Membership

The Identity Council is one of several Secure Technology Alliance Technology and Industry Councils. Council participation is open to any Secure Technology Alliance member who wishes to contribute to the Council projects.

The Secure Technology Alliance recognizes the top three individual contributors in each of the industry councils and the council “honor roll” – the individuals who were leading contributors and participants in the council projects and activities.

Secure Technology Alliance members who are active in the Identity Council include: