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Mobile Council

User credentials – such as payment cards, loyalty cards and access control cards that have traditionally been encoded onto plastic cards or provisioned to smart cards – are increasingly being provisioned to, and used from within mobile applications and devices. A number of different technologies have been developed and are commercially deployed that allow for the secure provisioning, storage and utilization of these user credentials on mobile devices.

The Secure Technology Alliance Mobile Council aims to build industry awareness around the business and security impacts of utilizing different technologies for distributing, storing and using secure credentials on personal mobile and tethered wearable devices. The Council believes raising awareness will facilitate broader discussion on creating standards. The Council will create resources to help implementations and accelerate the adoption of payments, loyalty, marketing, peer-to-peer, identity, and access control applications using mobile and tethered wearable devices. The Council focuses on activities that will help to educate the industry on implementation and security considerations and will act as a bridge between technology development/specification and the applications that can deliver business benefits to industry stakeholders.

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Mobile Council Activities

Mobile Council activities focus on accelerating market adoption of secure mobile applications. Council activities include:

  • Providing educational resources for organizations offering or implementing secure mobile applications and services
  • Providing a business-focused organization where all industry stakeholders can collaborate, network, share implementation experiences, and discuss implementation and security considerations for new mobile applications
  • Identifying and collaborating with other industry organizations to discuss, define and promote standards for secure mobile implementations

Mobile Council Resources


Mobile Council participation is open to any Secure Technology Alliance member who wishes to contribute to the Council projects.

For more information about the Mobile Council or for more information on becoming a member of the Alliance, please contact the Alliance office via email at [email protected] or via telephone at (800) 556-6828.

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