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Payments Council

The Secure Technology Alliance Payments Council focuses on securing payments and payment applications in the U.S. through industry dialogue, commentary on standards and specifications, technical guidance and educational programs, for consumers, merchants, issuers, acquirers, processors, payment networks, government regulators, mobile providers, industry suppliers and other industry stakeholders.

The Council’s primary goal is to inform and educate the market about the means of improving the security of the payments infrastructure and enhancing the payments experience. The group brings together payments industry stakeholders to work on projects related to implementing secured payments across all payment channels and payment technologies.

The Payments Council’s projects include research projects, white papers, industry commentary, case studies, web seminars, workshops and other educational resources.

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Payments Council Resources


Visit the EMV Connection web site for additional resources on EMV from both the Secure Technology Alliance and the U.S. Payments Forum and for easy-to-use resources on chip cards for consumers, merchants and issuers.

Mobile / NFC

Contactless Payments

U.S. Payments Industry


Council Management

The Council is managed by a steering committee composed of a cross section of the financial payments industry.

Steering committee officers are:

Current steering committee members are:

Council Membership

The Payments Council is one of several Secure Technology Alliance Technology and Industry Councils, a new type of focused group within the overall structure of the Alliance. Council participation is open to any Secure Technology Alliance member who wishes to contribute to the Council projects.

The Secure Technology Alliance recognizes the top three individual contributors in each of the industry councils and the council “honor roll” – the individuals who were leading contributors and participants in the council projects and activities.

Secure Technology Alliance members who are active in the Payments Council include:

For more information about the Payments Council or for more information on becoming a member of the Alliance, please contact the Alliance office via email at [email protected] or via telephone at (800) 556-6828.