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LEAP provides resources and materials including white papers, FAQs, position papers and archives of webinars, workshops and conference proceedings in the access security, payments, identity, healthcare, mobile and transportation markets. These materials are updated regularly, and therefore provide the latest facts, figures and industry information.

LEAP Application

If you are a full-time professional working in the global smart card industry, you are eligible to apply for LEAP membership.

LEAP Benefits

LEAP members have exclusive access to online educational and networking services including:

Among the most valuable benefits of LEAP membership is eligibility to apply for and maintain acceptance in the Certified Smart Card Industry Professional (CSCIP) smart card training and professional certification program, and take the CSCIP certification exam once accepted into the CSCIP program.

LEAP members can also access videotaped Educational Institute Series workshops, previously recorded with simultaneous playback of video and accompanying slide presentations, and can take advantage of the “Fundamentals of Smart Card Technology online training and certificate course at no cost ($99 value).


LEAP membership has an annual fee that is separate and distinct from individual or corporate membership in the Secure Technology Alliance.

LEAP Eligibility

Full-time professionals working in the global smart card industry are eligible for LEAP membership. This holds true whether or not your employer is a Secure Technology Alliance member.

LEAP Application

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