Digital Security Initiative Call for Submissions

Digital Security Initiative Call for Submissions

The Smart Card Alliance’s Digital Security Initiative launches the Case Study Report project

Las Vegas, NV, May 14, 2001–This week at the CardTech/SecurTech conference, the Smart Card Alliance’s Digital Security Initiative (DSI) formally launched the Case Study Report project, which will create a dossier of successful smart card based digital network security efforts. The objective is to provide senior management with information that allows them to justify and implement smart card based digital security systems. The DSI Expert Committee has determined that a lack of understanding has caused many organizations to miss a great opportunity to vastly improve the security of their digital networks through the use of smart cards. To remedy this, the DSI intends to compile a case study dossier on smart card security implementations.

The Case Study Report will be a collection of actual implementation experiences, and is intended to address the many types of security applications that exist across a wide variety of industries. The DSI is soliciting input from the industry in compiling the report, and offers a common framework and format template (available at /dsi). This is an opportunity to share success stories with senior management across many industries and will bring valuable market appreciation to those companies whose case studies are selected.

Case studies can be powerful tools in helping organizations become comfortable with technology adoption,” said Alliance board member Ben Miller, also Chair of the CardTech/SecurTech Conference “By documenting successful programs, we hope to hasten the adoption of smart cards to help secure digital networks.”

“We are very excited about the DSI Case Study Report,” said Ann Kennedy of First Data Corp, Technology Vice Chairman and liaison to the Vendor Council of the Alliance. “Our intent is to provide decision makers with a reference document that assists them in moving forward with smart card based digital network security solutions.” The 2001 Smart Card Alliance Annual Meeting will focus on the Digital Security Initiative designs and work products. The DSI Case Study Report is intended to be one of those work products, and accepted case studies may also be selected for presentation at the Annual Meeting. For more information on the Case Study or the DSI, or to download copies of the DSI plan, recent newsletters, and the case study template, visit /dsi.

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