Identity/Security Events

Applied Crypto Symposium – Cybersecurity in the Age of Quantum Computing

As quantum computers become more advanced, industry leaders are considering the potential threat they pose to the security infrastructure of the digital economy. The Secure Technology Alliance hosted a virtual education session, sponsored by Utimaco, that explored this emerging risk and outline strategic approaches for a quantum-resistant IT infrastructure. Leading experts on post-quantum computing shared their expertise, and cybersecurity experts in the federal government, aerospace and defense industry and other industries will benefit from a better understanding of this technology and how to protect against it. Listen to the recording of the webinar.

Mobile Driver’s Licenses for Retail Use

The mobile revolution is now poised to impact one item in your physical wallet that is not a credit card – your driver’s license. A number of states in the U.S. have either developed a program, ran a pilot or are studying the possibility of digitizing driver’s licenses for use on a mobile phone.

The Secure Technology Alliance hosted a half day workshop called “Mobile Driver’s Licenses for Retail Use”.

The workshop explored:

  • The technology of mobile driver’s licenses (MDL)
  • The requirements and benefits retailers can receive from state-issued, secure mobile licenses

Presentations and panel sessions from industry professionals, state motor vehicle and driver’s license agencies will present sessions on:

  • MDL – A Standards-Driven Approach
  • Requirements and Value of Using Digital Mobile Identity Credentials for Government to Citizens
  • Use cases for MDL in Retail as it Pertains to Age Verification, Identity Verification and E-commerce Transactions
  • How MDL Solutions Providers Will Address Requirements

The workshop was designed for:

  • Retail payments business managers
  • Risk managers
  • Policy makers
  • MDL solution providers

Presenters included: AAMVA, GET Group, HID Global, IDEMIA, Secure Technology Alliance, Thales, UL, and representatives from the states of Iowa and Florida driver’s license programs.

Workshop presentations are available for Secure Technology Alliance members [login required].

Securing Federal Identity

Each year, the Secure Technology Alliance comes to Washington, D.C., to lead a government-focused event for thought leaders and executives with government identity, security, access management systems backgrounds.

This leading event in the nation’s capital attracts hundreds of attendees interested in learning and sharing the latest in federal identity credentialing and access security and government identity and authentication programs. Other key topics and new policies are also brought forth, such as discussions around the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) credential, government-focused efforts in cybersecurity, trusted identity on mobile devices, and developments in state and local government ID programs.

This annual event takes its cues from initiatives and directives coming out of the federal government. As a result, it has in some years been held over a two-day period, while other years a one-day conference has proven successful.

Recent topics at Securing Federal Identity have included:

  • Federal secure identity policy and technology guideline updates
  • Federal identity programs and standards
  • Discussions on the future of Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management (FICAM), PIV, PIV-Interoperable (PIV-I) and the Common Access Card (CAC)
  • Use of two-factor authentication in federal agencies
  • Mobile identity and authentication approaches

For more information, visit the event website: