IoT Payments Conference

IoT Payments Conference

The focus of this event has been “The Big Three” criteria for IoT payments success: security, mobility and usability. Industry executives from the IoT and payments communities come together before attendees to discuss solutions for verticals including healthcare, smart cities, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive and other applications that rely on an IoT infrastructure.

Because security practices differ significantly in each industry, this event offers attendees perspectives on deploying secure architecture with ease, consistency and ubiquity by working through technical requirements, differences in approaches, and security concerns.

The IoT Payments event allows stakeholders to network, share implementation experiences, and discuss applications and security approaches, as well as provide best practices and education to the industry to promote security and privacy.

Recent topics at the IoT Payments conference have included:

  • Secure chip technology for IoT devices
  • The foundation for security during transactions
  • Authentication, data security and life cycle management
  • Challenges inherent in secure payments and authentication
  • Time to market, which drives IoT applications to sometimes choose the easiest security option to deploy