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Smart Card Alliance Membership Value Statements

Membership dollars go to support the council and task force initiatives, networking meetings and industry events, web site development, marketing programs, newsletter, Educational Institute, industry advocacy and media outreach efforts that all contribute to the growth of the smart card industry in North and Latin America.

Our strategy for the coming year is to continue to engage the many diverse aspects of our industry and to strive to bring together the providers of the technology and the users of the technology in a friendly, open community.

The Alliance has extended its reach globally by engaging international smart card organizations to join the Smart Card Alliance to bring their experience and innovation to the organization and enabling the Alliance to keep a global perspective on how the smart card industry is evolving elsewhere in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

The Alliance is a founding member of ISCAN, an international network of smart card associations with representatives from smart card industry organizations from Europe, Canada, India, Asia, South Africa, and China. ISCAN facilitates the sharing of information and market trends involving the smart card industry around the world.

The Alliance delivers value to its membership. Below are some quotes from member organizations about their experience of being members of the Smart Card Alliance:

“IBM’s participation in the Smart Card Alliance Steering Committee and various councils has provided us an invaluable opportunity to interact with our partners in the payments industry. It offers a forum for cutting-edge thought leadership, business insights, and technology development that is clearly shaping the direction of the industry. Together, we will revolutionize the smart card arena.”
– Sri Chawla, Business Development, IBM Payments Practice

“The Smart Card Alliance provides Visa with valuable research and first-hand information on trends and directions in the smart card and mobile payments space. The Alliance work on new developments in chip cards and authentication makes the organization an invaluable source of current and relevant market intelligence.”
– Simon Hurry, Sr. Business Leader, Visa Inc.

“The Smart Card Alliance is a neutral forum of industry leaders that addresses core-level issues that touch industry participants across the board. The Alliance and Contactless and Mobile Payments Council produce white papers, position papers, webinars, and focused task forces to make the contactless roll out smoother and more successful. This provides a direct value to ViVOtech.”
– Mohammad Khan, President and Founder, ViVOtech

“The Smart Card Alliance Contactless Payments Council has provided an opportunity for Giesecke & Devrient to interact with decision makers in the industry ecosystem, including financial institutions, payment brands, and component and device suppliers. G&D has participated in the creation of key Alliance white papers, a valuable tool in moving the contactless payments industry forward.”
– Heather Klein, Director, Marketing Communications, Giesecke & Devrient

“First Data is always looking for ways to stay on top of trends in the payments industry. The Smart Card Alliance provides a great forum for First Data to interact with payments industry leaders who share a common interest in promoting contactless and mobile payment solutions.”
– Roger Musfeldt, Director Mobile Solutions, First Data

“Participation in the Contactless Payments Council enables member companies to directly tackle the challenges which face our industry. Without effectively run industry groups like the Council, members would be individually trying to overcome issues which are greater than our respective companies. However, the collaborative efforts of the Council have enabled tangible advances to occur through informative white papers, thought-provoking conferences and responsive PR.”
– Garfield Smith, Vice President, Marketing, Oberthur Technologies

“Through its Industry Councils, the Smart Card Alliance has provided INSIDE Contactless with a unique opportunity to network with the key stakeholders in the important markets we serve, including contactless and mobile payments, identity, physical access and transportation.
– Charles Walton, EVP Payments, INSIDE Contactless and Payments Council Chair

“For me, one of the most important benefits of the Smart Card Alliance has been for both the industry and key members of the user community to be able to speak to important issues of security and privacy with one voice. Of course the other benefit, as always, is the very active interaction with the user community and in particular those in the federal government. The Alliance has played an invaluable role in providing a vendor-agnostic place where industry and government decision makers can work out the practical issues towards creating interoperable and standards-based solutions for government applications.”
– Neville Pattinson, Vice President, Government Affairs and Standards, Gemalto and Identity Council Chair

“The Alliance is a wonderful place to meet and exchange ideas with industry professionals having similar interests. The public output from the councils provides benefit to all members and the industry at large, but there is another whole layer of opportunity that comes with council participation. It is here that small groups with a more narrow focus regularly exchange ideas and strategies to expand the awareness and understanding of smart card technology and applications.”
– Linda Brown, Business Development Manager, Infineon Technologies

“IDmachines believes that identity is a cornerstone of the 21st century economy. The evolution of e-commerce, the mobile workforce, effective logical and physical security and many facets of our lives all depend on our ability to assert our identity in an efficient, safe and widely-accepted manner. The Smart Card Alliance and the Identity Council represent an opportunity to collaborate with end-user, consultant, vendor and government organization leaders.”
– Sal D’Agostino, Principal, IDmachines LLC and Identity Council Secretary

“The Smart Card Alliance has done a tremendous amount of work in terms of raising awareness and stimulating thought leadership around smart card technology. Through the events and education programs, our employees and our clients are better connected to the latest information on issues surrounding smart cards.”
– Gordon Hannah, Principal, Deloitte Audit & Enterprise Risk Services

“The Smart Card Alliance is a key voice in helping to map the relevance and use of smart card technology in the Americas. Issues such as privacy, interoperability, verification, anti-counterfeiting and security are essential criteria when discussing credential issuance to society and must be taken with the utmost consideration. Oberthur looks to the Smart Card Alliance as a spokesman for our community and a beacon for policymakers, industry leaders, academics and the general public for guidance on how to successfully apply such concepts into everyday practice.”
– Patrick W. Hearn, Vice President Government and Identification Markets – North/Central America, Oberthur Technologies

“The Smart Card Alliance continues to be a driving force in the high assurance identity and payments marketplace, and through its industry councils is helping address some of the key security and privacy issues in today’s dynamic world. The Identity Council, one of the Alliance’s most prolific, provides expert comment and advice on the pressing and emerging challenges of human identity in the 21st century, ranging from the security of border management to the privacy of electronic health records to the trustworthiness of Internet and mobile commerce. Come join us help shape the future of identity.”
– John McKeon, Chief Architect, Trusted Identity Initiative, IBM and Identity Council Vice Chair

“The theme for the Healthcare Council is education and collaboration. Patient identification, security and privacy, data exchange and consumer empowerment are some of the areas smart cards can greatly improve. We hope to educate our healthcare leaders and vendor community about the advantages of smart cards.”
– Paul Contino, Vice President of Information Technology, Mount Sinai Medical Center and Healthcare Council Chair

“The Alliance has been a wonderful tool for TrustBearer to collaborate both with companies within our industry and as a way to reach out to industry in general. It is a must for those who wish to stay abreast of the latest happenings in the digital security and smart card space.”
– David Corcoran, President, TrustBearer Labs

“We at LifeMed/SMART have been tremendously pleased with our participation with the Smart Card Alliance. Not only are we getting front-line information as to the other goings-on around the globe, we are able to help shape policy that will not only forward our industry, but establish the foundation for years to come. We could not be more pleased with the Smart Card Alliance–it has been the best investment we have made as a company!”
– Dale Grogan, Director of Smart Card Initiatives, SMART Association

“The Smart Card Alliance’s Healthcare Council is focused on improving the security and privacy issues facing the U.S. healthcare system as we move our antiquated paper-based systems into the electronic world. Through educational initiatives and collaboration, Council members are focused on increasing the adoption of secure and standards-based smart card technology in the U.S. healthcare system. Gemalto is pleased with the opportunity to actively participate on the Healthcare Council and help drive adoption of this technology.”
– Michael Magrath, Director, Business Development – Government & Healthcare, Gemalto and Healthcare Council Secretary

“The Smart Card Alliance is an invaluable resource for professionals working in smart card technology within the federal, state and local governments, and health care. We have participated in numerous Alliance conferences and workshops, as well as shared thought leadership with our employees and our clients. All of these outlets have increased our understanding and awareness of the latest advancements in smart card technology and enabled us to better connect with our clients who are facing challenges in the identity management arena.”
– Carey Miller, Senior Manager, Security, Privacy and Identity Management Solutions, Deloitte Consulting