New Industry Group Formed to Hasten Adoption of Smart Card Technology in Key Markets

New Industry Group Formed to Hasten Adoption of Smart Card Technology in Key Markets

Smart Card Alliance will combine memberships and resources of the Smart Card Industry Association and the Smart Card Forum

New York, NY, December 19, 2000–The Smart Card Industry Association (SCIA) and the Smart Card Forum (SCF) announced today that they are combining to form a new organization called the Smart Card Alliance (the Alliance). The combined entity will serve as a single voice for the smart card industry in the US. It will advocate adoption of the technology on behalf of user organizations and technology providers in key application areas including network security, financial transactions, mobile communications, health care, transportation and government operations.

The expanded membership and resources of the Alliance will provide the industry with a more effective organization, in a stronger position to accomplish its goals and objectives. The Boards of Directors of the two organizations have approved the combination, subject to consent by the members of each organization, which is expected at meetings scheduled for January 10, 2001.

“This is a very exciting time for smart card applications,” said Allen Gilstrap of American Express Global Network Services, Chairman of the Forum and Chair-Designate of the Alliance, “With the unified organization, we can provide a wide range of services and the latest information to our members.”

The Alliance will be the largest smart card oriented non-profit entity in the world, with over 225 member organizations. The combined resources and leadership of the Alliance will allow it to undertake projects, and have influence beyond, the scope of either organization individually. The Alliance’s 2001 program will include:

  • the launch of a US Smart Card Market Survey,
  • the rollout of the multi-faceted Smart Card Network Security Initiative,
  • introduction of the most comprehensive reference web site in the industry,
  • continuation of the 6-year old Educational Institute, and
  • quarterly meetings focused on specific topics.

A permanent committee of the Alliance, called the Vendor Council, will be made up of representatives of technology provider companies that are Principal Members. The Vendor Council will develop and execute projects benefiting the industry and furthering the goals of the Alliance. One of the first programs the Vendor Council will undertake is the Smart Card Network Security Initiative announced in September of this year.

“The Alliance’s Network Security Initiative is a key priority to firmly establish smart cards as the centerpiece of network and e-commerce security in the US and the world.” said Paul Beverly of Schlumberger, Chairman of SCIA and Vice Chair-Designate of the Alliance. “We need to break down any and all barriers that exist in the market. With representatives from the nation’s major companies uniting in this new organization, we will be able fulfill our goals in achieving the widespread use of smart cards.”

On the operational front, existing SCF and SCIA members will automatically convert to Smart Card Alliance Principal, Auditing, Educational, or Government memberships for 2001. Donna Farmer, President & CEO, of the Smart Card Forum will assume the same role for the Alliance. The Alliance’s Board of Directors will be comprised of a combination of the SCIA and SCF boards and will include:

William Barr, Telcordia Technologies; Paul Beverly, Schlumberger; Kirk Brafford, F.I. Group; Thierry Burgess, Oberthur Card Systems; Charles Cagliostro, CardTronics, Inc.; Peter Cerra, Identrus; Dan Cunningham, Potomac Systems & Technologies; Mike Dinning, US Department of Transportation; Louis Gasparini, Excite@Home; Patrick Gauthier, Visa USA; Kevin Gillick, Datacard; Allen Gilstrap, American Express Services Ltd; Bill Holcombe, General Services Administration; Ann Kennedy, First Data Corp.; Gilles Lisimaque, Gemplus; Jim Lout, Yes I.C. Smart Cards, Inc.; Ben Miller, CardTech/SecurTech; Sandy Morris, Mastercard International; Bill Norwood, CyberMark, Inc.; Jim Parker, Chase Manhattan Bank; Lisa Patania, Bank of America; Peter Quadagno, Quadagno & Associates, Inc. Bill Randle, The Huntington National Bank; Randy Vanderhoof, First Access, Inc.; Charles Walton, Securify and Michael Weekes, IBM Global Services.

The first meeting of the Alliance will take place in Salt Lake City on February 26–March 1, 2001. The entire industry is invited to celebrate this first Alliance meeting. To register, please call Jason Beckerman at (212) 837-7913 or visit the Alliance website at

About the Smart Card Alliance

The Smart Card Forum is a non-profit, multi-industry organization of nearly 200 members working to accelerate the widespread acceptance of multiple application smart card technology by bringing together, in an open forum, leading users and technologists from both the public and private sectors. The Smart Card Forum is the leading organization for education and awareness of topical issues associated with the use and adoption of smart card systems. For more information about The Smart Card Forum, log on to the organization’s Web site at

About Smart Card Industry Association

The Smart Card Industry Association is a global trade association representing the needs of manufacturers, integrators, resellers, issuers and others throughout the industry. Established in 1989 and co-founders of the CardTech/SecurTech conference, the Smart Card Industry Association has been actively promoting the adoption and use of smart card technology on behalf of it members since the inception of the North American Smart Card market. For more information, call the SCIA office at 1-800-848-SCIA or visit its web-site at

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