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Executive Director Message

Member Satisfaction Rising, Overall Value Higher

July is a good month to pause the conversation about the payments and security markets and instead take a look inward at how the Secure Technology Alliance is serving our members’ needs. In this month’s member bulletin, I look at the feedback we received from our annual member survey, which provides an opportunity to ask our members what matters most to them and how the Alliance organization serves those interests.

Our member satisfaction rating rose to 87.3 (on a scale of 0 to 100), higher than the 85.6 score in 2018, and the overall value and satisfaction with Alliance activities was higher at 3.76 in 2018, compared to 3.67 the previous year. Both of these measures are indicators that we are meeting our members’ expectations and delivering increased value year over year, despite some dramatic shifts in the market impacting many of our most active member organizations.  Satisfaction is highest for members who are active in our industry councils, with higher ratings from members of the Mobile, Payments and Transportation Councils, and from those members who attend Alliance conferences like the annual Payments Summit.  Our government membership scored the highest satisfaction level at 91.3, which reflects positively on the Alliance’s ability to engage the government adopters of payments technology (transportation agencies) and security technology (federal government agencies) in productive relationships with technology suppliers and security providers. The Transportation Council is delivering high satisfaction to its members through a cross-organization project with the U.S. Payments Forum on EMV contactless open loop payments acceptance in transit and the newest council-led payments initiative involving Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

Some of the most valuable feedback comes from the open-ended questions asking members what they value most about the Alliance.  When asked about the educational value of membership, we received responses such as:

  • Insightful white papers
  • Helps with adoption of best practices
  • Exposure to ground-breaking technologies and trends
  • Critical market intelligence
  • Great destination for educational resources, great conferences, and STA conferences offer the best content

When asked about collaboration opportunities, we received feedback that opportunities to collaborate and share experiences were most valued, and our mission matches a requirement for stakeholders to collaborate and share knowledge.  Additional general comments:

  • Excellent staff support and professionalism
  • Invaluable resource for networking, education and activities
  • Secure Technology Alliance has helped to boost my career and keep me abreast of relevant trends

The last category of open-ended responses from the survey that I want to share has to do with the future direction for the organization.  The Secure Technology Alliance is a little more than two years into its rebranding from the Smart Card Alliance and expanded mission beyond smart cards. We’re now involved in newer security areas like tokenization, embedded security, IoT, machine learning, and digital authentication.  Our members told us the most important issues in our future are:

  • Mobile identity
  • Digital identity
  • Mobile payments/commerce
  • Secure Remote Commerce, EMV 3DS and artificial intelligence
  • Card-not-present solutions
  • Biometrics solutions
  • Tokenization
  • Privacy
  • Contactless cards
  • Mobility as a service (MaaS) payments convergence

I want to thank all our members who took the time to complete the survey and provide this important feedback.  The Alliance staff and I strive to make every individual and every organization member proud to be associated with the Alliance. We also want members to challenge themselves and their industry colleagues to do more to enable secure authentication, facilitate safe commerce, and stimulate the adoption of connected digital solutions based on secure chip and other technologies and systems needed to protect privacy and personal data.

Council Highlights

  • Council projects. A summary of all active Council projects is posted on the Secure Technology Alliance members-only site
  • The Access Control Council elected its 2019/2020 officers. New officers are: chair – Clay Estes, HID Global; vice chair – Lars Suneborn, Identification Technology Partners; secretary – William Windsor, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • The Identity Council held a workshop, Mobile Driver’s Licenses for Retail Use, on Tuesday, July 16.  The workshop provided an overview of mobile driver’s license (mDL) technology and explored how mDLs would be used for a wide variety of retail use cases.  The Council is also continuing work to discuss the draft ISO 18013-5 specification and document use cases in different industry sectors
  • The Payments Council is holding a webinar, Biometric Payment Cards, on Thursday, July 25, at 2pm ET/11am PT. The Council is also working on three white paper projects: dynamic security code cards; wearables; and electric vehicle charging open payments framework
  • The Transportation Council is developing a vision document on payments integration for Mobility as a Service (MaaS) initiatives

If you would like to participate in a Secure Technology Alliance Council, please contact Devon Rohrer, [email protected].

Biometric Payment Card Webinar

Biometric Payment Cards Webinar

The Secure Technology Alliance Payments Council is hosting the Biometric Payment Cards webinar on Thursday, July 25, 2019, beginning at 2pm ET/11am PT. The webinar will provide a primer on biometric payment cards that use fingerprints to authenticate the cardholder.  New technologies that enable template matching and storage in the secure element, battery-free operation, and fast transactions are showcased in pilots and proof-of-concept launches around the world.

Webinar topics include:

  • Overview of biometric payment card technology
  • User experience and implementation considerations for biometric payment cards
  • Examples of real-world implementations

Webinar speakers are:  Jose Correa, NXP Semiconductors; Gerry Glindro, IDEMIA; Oliver Manahan, Infineon Technologies; Tom Rapkoch, Visa; Randy Vanderhoof, Secure Technology Alliance.

Registration for the webinar is available on the Secure Technology Alliance web site.

New Forum Resources

The U.S. Payments Forum recently published industry resources that will be of interest to Alliance members.

The Forum Mobile and Contactless Payments Working Committee completed a new white paper, EMV Payment Tokenization Primer and Lessons Learned.  The white paper focuses on the current state of EMV payment tokenization, providing the reader with an understanding of payment tokenization, the payment scenarios in which tokenization can be used, and the services that are commonly used in payment tokenization.

The Forum Communications and Education Working Committee published a new white paper, Consumer Experience at the Contactless Point-of-Sale.  The white paper describes best practices for implementing contactless at the point of sale to reduce stakeholder and consumer confusion and to help contactless deliver fully on its benefits to merchants, issuers, consumers, and the entire payments ecosystem.

2020 Payments Summit Returns to Salt Lake City, UT

It’s not too early to mark your calendar for the 2020 Payments Summit! Plan to join us Feb. 24-27, 2020, at the Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek, Salt Lake City, UT. The summit will again be held jointly with U.S. Payments Forum Member Meeting, so count on plenty of sessions and networking to go along with a terrific U.S. Payments Forum agenda. The end of February is also when skiing conditions in the surrounding Wasatch Mountains are at their prime; enjoy outdoor activities beforehand! The Payments Summit is one of the most anticipated payments events in the industry, as it is one of the only events that provides practical, actionable business and technical information that can be used to develop strategies and plans for implementing trending or new payments technologies. Look for registration information shortly.

Congratulations New Certificants


  • Christian Grohmann, Force Security Solutions
  • Brett Howard, Integrated Security Solutions
  • Ryan Nance, Kenton Brothers
  • Christopher Neal, Integrated Security Solutions

CSEIP Recertified

  • David Helbock, XTec
  • Mike Kelley, Parsons Corporation
  • Terry Meier, Allegion
  • Anthony Shields, Business Integra

Upcoming CSEIP Training, Exam, and Recertification Dates

Unless otherwise noted, CSEIP training and exams will take place at The Training Center at Identification Technology Partners, located at 12 S Summit Ave in Gaithersburg, MD. Recertification is online-based only.

CSEIP Training/Exam

  • Aug. 27-29, 2019, Identification and Technology Partners

To view the fall CSEIP 2019 schedule, click here.

CSEIP Recertification

The online instructor-led review course is four hours, from 11 AM ET – 3 PM ET. The hour-long exam follows from 3 PM ET to 4 PM ET. Here are upcoming dates:

  • Aug. 16, 2019

To view the fall CSEIP 2019 Recertification schedule, click here.

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