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Executive Director Message

Our Organization Appreciates in Value Under COVID Limits

We are at the eight-month anniversary since we last met as both the Secure Technology Alliance and U.S. Payments Forum organizations at the 2020 Payments Summit in Salt Lake City in February.  During that conference event, surrounded by snowy mountains and crisp clean air, we were all blissfully unaware of the coronavirus that had arrived on both coasts and was rapidly spreading across the country.  Looking back on that time and all that has transpired since then, I am struck by how many changes we have endured as a society, as a security-focused industry, and as an organization representing these industries.

Besides the obvious repercussions to our society like the serious illnesses for millions and deaths for nearly 250,000 citizens, there has also been the quarantine keeping us away from our workplaces, the stoppage of air travel, and the shuttering of small businesses and restaurants, which has been devastating.  Like many, I expected these disruptions to be for a few months and be limited to dense population centers, and then things would return to the way it was.  But that was naïve of me and wishful thinking.

The security industry was jolted into action shortly after the country went into lockdown to try to deal with millions of non-digital natives trying to move their lives to online services with no one to show them how to do it correctly or safely.  Zoom became the primary way for people to communicate and millions of people discovered online shopping, curb-side pick-up, and mobile delivery services like Instacart.  People rushed to open new online accounts and put their payments preferences online.  The fraudsters were quick to capitalize on the oceans of personal information and vulnerable credentials left exposed due to poor password hygiene.  Today account takeover fraud is costing e-commerce retailers $16.9 billion and the number of stolen credentials for sale on the dark web is up 300 percent.  Security experts and fraud mitigation tools are in high demand and little is expected to change even after COVID-19 gets under control.

As an industry organization, we were significantly impacted too.  However, the storyline is not so negative when you consider how well we continue to deliver business intelligence about the rapidly evolving security landscape that was energized by the pandemic.  People need fresh information and access to it through other channels has disappeared. Although we are not meeting at in-person conferences, our members are still able to network together and be educated about new technology and security services.  We can still work in collaborative virtual working groups and publish articles, white papers, FAQs, and web resources.  The lack of in-person events and face-to-face meetings have been replaced by virtual conference sessions, webinars, and video conference-enabled working committee sessions.  The ability to still connect through the activities supported by the Alliance provides a valuable bridge between the way it used to be (pre-COVID) and the way it may be in the future.  This value for Alliance members continues to appreciate the longer we remain under the business and safety restrictions of the coronavirus.  Let’s all hope our security industry and society respond as well as the Alliance has.

Randy Vanderhoof
Executive Director, Secure Technology Alliance

Transportation Council Steering Committee Elected

The Transportation Council has elected its 2021 Steering Committee officers and members. Elections this year brought strong agency and cross-industry representation across the board, which is critical to achieving the council’s mission of promoting the adoption of interoperable payment systems for transit, tolling, parking and evolving mobility services and technologies.

The 2021 Transportation Council Steering Committee officers are:

  • Vice Chair – Mobility: Brian Stein, Brian Stein LLC
  • Vice Chair – Transportation: Josh Martiesian, Visa

The 2021 Steering Committee members are:

  • David Block-Schachter, Transit App
  • David deKozan, Cubic
  • Brittany Esdaile, Sound Transit
  • Gary Googins, Vix Technology
  • Nicole Hansen, Invoke Technologies
  • Mike Hughes, Worldpay
  • Kathy Imperatore, Port Authority Transit Corporation (PATCO)
  • Amy Jenks, Scheidt & Bachmann
  • Arash Kahvazadeh, Mastercard
  • Rhonda Marx, American Express
  • Tina Morch-Pierre, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)
  • Murat Omay, Federal Transit Administration (FTA)
  • Tom Prestia, TransLink
  • Eric Reese, Bytemark
  • David Weir, Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC)
  • Burt Wilhelm, Discover Financial Services

Congratulations to the new officers and Steering Committee members and thank you to all Council members who voted!

November U.S. Payments Forum Virtual Meeting

The U.S. Payments Forum is holding its next virtual all-member meeting from Nov. 9-12 and Nov. 17-19.  All sessions are open to U.S. Payments Forum members and education sessions and panels are open to non-members.

The November meeting is featuring the Alliance Identity Council’s mDL Initiative, with the educational panel, “Mobile Driver’s License Implementation in the U.S.”  Moderated by Randy Vanderhoof, the panel will discuss mDL implementation considerations.  Speakers include:  Andreas Aabye, Visa; David Kelts, GET Group NA; Tom Lockwood, NextgenID; Mike McCaskill, Florida Highway Patrol; Micheal Pettibone, Mastercard.

Sessions open to non-members include:

  • A cross-industry stakeholder panel on EMV 3DS data element implementation and the impact on customer experience
  • A panel discussing status and lessons learned from the use of QR codes in physical retail
  • A panel discussing status and trends for mobile pay-at-the-pump
  • An education session on sustainability initiatives in card issuance from CPI Card Group
  • A cross-industry panel on considerations for Payment Account Reference (PAR) implementation

We encourage you to register for the meeting!  The full meeting agenda is available on the Forum web site.

Council Highlights

  • Council projects. A summary of all active Council projects is posted on the Secure Technology Alliance members-only site.
  • The Access Control Council is working on a white paper on access control with mobile devices (in collaboration with the Identity Council).
  • The Identity Council held the fourth and final webinar in its mobile driver’s license webinar series, “Challenges to the mDL Ecosystem,” on Oct. 28th. Speakers included:  Arjan Geluk, UL; Loffie Jordaan, AAMVA; David Kelts, GET Group North America; Tom Lockwood, NextgenID; Randy Vanderhoof, Secure Technology Alliance.  The webinar recording will be posted by early next week.
  • The Payments Council is working on a white paper discussing an electric vehicle charging payment framework.
  • The new Transportation Council Steering Committee has been elected and is meeting to discuss Council priorities and projects for 2021.

If you would like to participate in a Secure Technology Alliance Council, please contact Devon Rohrer, [email protected].  The full list of active Council projects is available on the Alliance members-only site.

Recent U.S. Payments Forum Resources

The U.S. Payments Forum publishes industry resources that will be of interest to Alliance members.

  • The Forum published the new white paper, Contactless Limits and EMV Transaction Processing. The white paper provides guidance on how contactless limits are used during EMV contactless transaction processing in the U.S. to help merchants, acquirers and issuers improve the contactless consumer experience at the POS.

The full list of active U.S. Payments Forum projects is available on the Alliance members-only site.

Congratulations New Certificants


  • Bill Fulmer, Johnson Controls


  • James Aarsrtad, Fisher Systems Inc
  • Matthew Butler, TUSCO INC
  • Andre D’Amours, Siemens Smart Infrastructure
  • Nicolas Feisthamel, Integrated Security Solutions, Inc.
  • Rick German, CertiPath Inc.
  • Gene Gregory, Siemens Industry, Inc.
  • Ean Jordon, Connected Technology Integrators, Inc.
  • Sean Nordberg, Integrated Technologies and Design
  • James Schwartz, Security Install Solutions, Inc.
  • John Wever, Integrated Technologies and Design


  • Chad Black, Blackhawk Security LLC
  • Jared Murry, Access Systems Inc
  • Jared Schmall, World Telecom & Surveillance, Inc.
  • Anthony Tran, Star Asset Security, LLC

Update on Training and Exam Dates

The following dates have been announced for CSEIP and CSCIP/G training.  Class sizes have been reduced to 6 people per class due to COVID-19 health guidelines and safety concerns.  As a result, classes are selling out faster than they have in the past, so we are advising organizations to make their reservations in advance of future security system contracts and installations.

  • CSEIP Certification Course, November 17-19, 2020– CLASS IS FULL
  • CSEIP Certification Course, February 09-11, 2021
  • CSEIP Re-Certification Course, November 24, 2020
  • CSEIP Re-Certification Course, December 18, 2020

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