Smart Card Talk : August 2011 : Member Profile

What Are Smart Card Alliance Members Saying?

This month Smart Card Talk departs from the regular member profile to bring you results from our annual member survey. The Smart Card Alliance conducts the annual survey to get input on our activities so that we can ensure that our programs focus on member-driven priorities and provide significant value to the membership overall. We had 139 members from 87 member organizations (52% of member organizations) respond to this year’s survey. Thanks very much to everyone who responded!

1. Are members satisfied with the Alliance programs and activities?

Overall, members are satisfied with Alliance programs and activities. We ask members to give us a numeric score between 0-99 to indicate satisfaction, with 90-99 indicating high satisfaction, with Alliance delivering excellent performance, 80-89 indicating satisfaction, with membership value clearly present, 70-79 indicating low satisfaction, with improvement needed, and 0-69 indicating dissatisfaction.

This year our average satisfaction rating was 85.7, improving slightly over 2010’s 85.2 rating, with satisfaction good across all member categories. The figure below shows the satisfaction rating by member category. An important result is that active members (those who are involved in councils, 54% of respondents) rate their satisfaction significantly higher than non-active members–89.3 rating from active members vs. 81.5 rating from non-active members.

2. What do members value most about the Alliance activities?

Communications, conferences, councils and council deliverables are highly valued by members. Activities rated as highest value in our 2011 survey were:

3. What did members say about the top benefits of Alliance membership?

We asked members to tell us what they thought the top benefits of Alliance membership were–generating a wide variety of responses. The top benefits identified were:

  • Keeping up-to-date and abreast of news, new technologies, industry developments
  • Networking
  • Participation in the smart card industry forum / industry influence
  • Council and white paper participation
  • Conferences and speaking opportunities
  • EMV advocacy / advancement / education
  • Recognition as an industry leader / visibility / brand recognition

Benefits in the words of a few of our members included:

“Staying abreast of new activities and technologies in a complex and fast-moving marketplace consisting of government, vendor and commercial entities all working together to solve tough problems”

“Learning about what is happening in the industry. Being able to educate myself through listening to industry leaders. Having people to network with in the industry.”

“Getting an opportunity to sort out between technological hype/sizzle and the realities of business model/implementation–face-to-face discussions at SCA meetings are very valuable.”

“The opportunity to participate in industry-shaping deliverables such as white papers and publications, and to participate and speak at events.”

4. What do members think about LEAP and the CSCIP program?

Awareness of both LEAP and CSCIP is very high, with 87% of respondents aware of the programs. 18% of respondents are LEAP members, with 13% already completing CSCIP certification and 23 individuals planning to look into CSCIP in the future.

Both LEAP and CSCIP are growing rapidly, with increasing recognition of the CSCIP certification as a valuable professional credential. The Smart Card Alliance web site lists all individuals who receive the CSCIP or CSCIP/G certification, highlighting their expertise and commitment to the industry.

5. Where did members feel the Alliance needed improvement?

We did find that there were some areas that members felt that our activities had less value or that members were dissatisfied with. Key areas were:

  • Smart Card Alliance social media
  • Smart Card Talk newsletter
  • Alliance presence at other industry events
  • Industry outreach to media

As we move into the fall, we’ll be launching initiatives to address these areas, improving our visibility in social media, revamping our monthly newsletter, and working with our marketing team to get additional industry visibility for the Alliance and our members.

In addition, we found that many of the survey respondents had no experience with or were unaware of Alliance programs and activities. We’ll be more active in the coming year in reaching out to members to communicate what the Alliance is doing and achieving and to encourage members to get involved in our industry councils.

6. What did members identify as the most important industry issues and topics that the Alliance should be working on in 2011/2012?

Every year we ask what members feel are the most important industry issues, to help align our industry councils and outreach efforts. We were pleased to see that most of the issues mentioned are already top priorities for our councils. Top issues mentioned this year were:

  • Payments: EMV, NFC, mobile payments, security of mobile/roadmap for secure mobile payments
  • Identity and access: healthcare, NSTIC, FIPS 201-2, commercial identity verification, mobile identity / authentication
  • Transit: NFC, open payment for transit, transit and parking

Our industry councils have developed plans for 2011 that cover many of the topics identified in the survey and we encourage all members to participate in the council activities.

7. And, last but not least, who won the Kindle?

We are happy to announce that Murphy Curtis, from HID Global, was the member who was randomly selected in our drawing for the Amazon Kindle WiFi eBook Reader, and a $25 Kindle Store gift card.

We thank everyone who responded to the 2011 member survey. Your feedback is critical for us to plan our programs so that we meet or exceed member expectations for value from the Alliance.