Smart Card Talk : August 2011 : Volume 16 : Number 8

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Executive Director’s Letter

Dear members and friends of the Alliance,

Events that shake and rattle the foundations of the U.S. smart card industry are rare events–almost as rare as the East Coast experiencing a 5.9 earthquake and a major hurricane in the same week. You have to go back to August 27, 2004, when former President George W. Bush signed HSPD-12, the policy directive for the common identification standard for federal employees and contractors for the first such event in the new century. The second happened this month, on August 9, when Visa announced that they were planning to accelerate the migration for the U.S. to EMV contact AND contactless chip technology.

SCALA Associate Director’s Letter

Dear SCALA–Smart Card Alliance Latin America Member and Friends,

As most of you know, EMV has become an important topic for SCALA member organizations, financial networks, issuers, acquirers, and merchants. On several occasions, SCALA has been asked for an industry roadmap for EMV migration due to concerns about the lack of knowledge and impartial information in the market. These issuer, acquirer, and market leader concerns drove SCALA to develop an EMV migration roadmap for Latin America.

The 10th Annual Smart Card Alliance Government Conference

Member Profile

What Are Smart Card Alliance Members Saying?

This month Smart Card Talk departs from the regular member profile to bring you results from our annual member survey. The Smart Card Alliance conducts the annual survey to get input on our activities so that we can ensure that our programs focus on member-driven priorities and provide significant value to the membership overall. We had 139 members from 87 member organizations (52% of member organizations) respond to this year’s survey. Thanks very much to everyone who responded!

1. Are members satisfied with the Alliance programs and activities?

Overall, members are satisfied with Alliance programs and activities. We ask members to give us a numeric score between 0-99 to indicate satisfaction, with 90-99 indicating high satisfaction, with Alliance delivering excellent performance, 80-89 indicating satisfaction, with membership value clearly present, 70-79 indicating low satisfaction, with improvement needed, and 0-69 indicating dissatisfaction.

Feature of the Month

The Alliance Industry Councils–Mid-Year Update

Members continue to be highly active in the Smart Card Alliance industry councils in 2011. Since January, councils have completed more than 14 projects, including eight white papers, two industry comments submissions, one webinar, and three workshops, and have issued eight news releases on Council activities or industry positions. Projects have focused on the hottest topics in the smart card industry–the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC), FIPS 201 and the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card, EMV migration, Near Field Communication (NFC), healthcare identity management, and open payments in transit. And the councils continue with a strong set of activities into the second half of 2011, with 18 active projects.

This month’s feature article reviews highlights of each Council’s activities this year and previews what’s still to come in the second half.

Upcoming CSCIP Training and Exam Dates

Visit /activities-leap for registration information.

CSCIP Training &
Exam Prep Course¹
CSCIP Exam City, State, Country
November 1, 2011
November 4, 2011 Washington, DC
(Smart Cards in Government Conf)
November 14, 2011
(CSCIP only)
November 16 or 17 Paris, FRANCE²
(Cartes & Identification 2011)
¹ This full day course is held from 9:00am–4:30pm at a location to be named in the city, state listed above. The cost for attending this course is $475 ($380 for members).
² International CSCIP training and exam pricing varies from standard pricing. Please contact [email protected] for further details.

New CSCIP Accreditations

Congratulations to the LEAP members who have successfully completed the requirements for professional accreditation as Certified Smart Card Industry Professionals.

View the entire list of Certified Smart Card Industry Professionals.

Name Company Certified Since
Guy Berg Datacard Group August 2011
Michael Russo WMATA August 2011

New CSCIP/G Accreditations

Congratulations to the LEAP members who have successfully completed the requirements for professional accreditation as Certified Smart Card Industry Professionals / Government.

View the entire list of Certified Smart Card Industry Professionals / Government.

Name Company Certified Since
Brendon Allen Ingersoll Rand July 2011
Jonathan D Mooney Ingersoll Rand July 2011
Brian Sherman Ingersoll Rand July 2011
Samir Tamer Ingersoll Rand July 2011
Rocco Vitali Ingersoll Rand July 2011
Peter Wilson Ingersoll Rand July 2011