LEAP/CSCIP Quarterly Newsletter – Q3-2014


Welcome New CSCIP Recipients

Congratulations to the following individuals who received their CSCIP credential in the second quarter of 2014.


  • Gerd Thys, Clear2Pay
  • Phuong Tran, WMATA


  • Hari Varma, Infosys Ltd.

Certification Trainer Spotlight: Gerald Smith

gerald smithGerald Smith is one of a handful of professional certification trainers for the Smart Card Alliance, where he conducts day-long training and exam preparation classes prior to the administration of the CSCIP exam. Gerald is a Senior Consultant with ID Technology Partners, a leading consulting firm in Washington, DC, supporting high assurance identification solutions. He has more than 30 years of experience deploying card solutions.

Gerald has worked with all aspects of smart cards including chip manufacturing, packaging, operating system design, virtual machines, application development, reader interfaces, and host applications. He is a National Merit Award recipient from the U.S. INCITS standards organization as well as an ISO project editor on smart card standards.

New Resources

Card-Not-Present Fraud: A Primer on Trends and Transaction Authentication Processes white paper was published in February 2014 and discusses the impact of and need to further address card-not-present fraud in conjunction with migration to EMV in the U.S. The Mobile and NFC Council white paper, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 101: A Technology Primer with Example Use Cases, was published in June 2014 to provide an educational resource on Bluetooth low energy, describing what it is, how it’s used, how it fits with other mobile technologies, and what security aspects should be considered for BLE-enabled applications.

Upcoming 2014 Training and Exam Dates

The next CSCIP/P training and exam preparation course will be held September 23 and September 24 at the EMV Migration Forum meeting in Chicago, Il.  The next CSCIP and CSCIP/G training and exam preparation course will be held October 28 and October 29 at the Smart Card Alliance Government Conference in Washington, DC. If you are planning to take the training and/or exam, make sure to save the date and set up a reminder in your calendar to register. Visit the CSCIP portion of the website for more information. More resources:

New Training and Certification Program

The new Smart Card Alliance “Certified System Engineer ICAM PACS” training and certification program satisfies the GSA’s procurement contracting requirement for systems engineers to be trained on how to set-up and test E-PACS to align with government-wide specifications. Click here to learn more. Click here to learn more.

See Who Is Certified

You can view the complete list of CSCIP, CSCIP/G and CSCIP/P members by clicking here. Sort the list by name, company name, or date of certification.

Log-In Information
Are you a LEAP member or CSCIP certified and can’t remember your password to log in to the members-only section of our website? (Hint: your user name is your email address.) If you can’t locate it, please email Nicole Lauzon for assistance.

Corporate Program

A reduced group rate cost for the LEAP/CSCIP professional development and smart card training program and exam is available for organizations who enroll 10 or more individuals. An organized, comprehensive training course and exam will be conducted at your corporate location. You can also partner with another company to reach the minimum number of participants. To arrange training dates or learn more, contact Randy Vanderhoof.

Promote Your Certification

If you have a CSCIP designation, be sure to promote your certification in your signature in all of your email and hard copy correspondence, as well as on business cards and letterhead. If you need a copy of a specific logo credential, please email Shelbey Votapek to request one.