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February 2006 • Volume 11 Number 2





Executive Director's Letter

Dear members and friends of the Alliance:

For a large number of people, this is the first time that you are receiving an issue of Smart Card Talk, the free monthly electronic newsletter of the Smart Card Alliance.  If you are, it might be as a result of your recent visit to the Smart Card Alliance web site where you requested a free copy of one of our industry white papers and reports.  When you registered on our site to receive the report, you checked a box indicating that you wished to subscribe to our newsletter and other announcements.  For some of you, several months have passed since you registered.  My apologies for the delay in getting you added to the distribution list. It had been several months since we looked at the pending subscriber list and during that time, the number of new subscribers had reached nearly 2,000 people.  It is wonderful that so many people are reading our reports and white papers and I hope that you will enjoy receiving this industry newsletter as well.  If you wish to unsubscribe at any time, simply follow the instructions at the bottom of the newsletter.  We only want to send this to you in the future as long as you still wish to receive it.

The big news in February for me was our participation in the RSA Conference 2006 in San Jose, CA last week.  Several things about this year's event highlighted the significant changes that are taking place in the smart card industry in the United States and demonstrated some of the fundamental Smart Card Alliance achievements as we continue to promote the understanding, adoption, use and widespread application of smart card technology in North America and Latin America.  For those readers who are not familiar with this conference, it is the world's leading information security conference and expo, with over 275 exhibitors and more than 11,000 attendees.  It also draws the biggest names in the industry as speakers to present their vision of the market, led by Bill Gates, Chairman and Chief Software Architect of Microsoft, Art Coviello, CEO of RSA Security, Scott McNealy, Chairman and CEO of Sun Microsystems, and John Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems.  The exhibit floor includes every IT security software and hardware vendor who is anyone in the marketplace and the conference sessions feature the highest caliber speakers in the industry.

In past years, the topic that didn't get much attention at this show was token-based security technology, namely smart cards.  All of that changed dramatically this year.  The Smart Card Alliance had something to do with that change in a number of ways.  One major smart card advance that we did not have anything to do with was what Bill Gates and his Microsoft team presented and demonstrated at his annual keynote address.  This year, Bill mentioned smart cards about 7 or 8 times and even demonstrated a new Microsoft beta release, called the Certificate Lifecycle Manager.  This new software streamlines the provisioning, configuration, and management of digital certificates and smart cards and will dramatically simplify the way smart card credentials are managed in Microsoft's enterprise software in the future.  At the core of the beta release is a product from Alacris, a Smart Card Alliance member company that was acquired by Microsoft in 2005.  Not surprisingly, the two other well-known information technology companies, Sun Microsystems and Cisco, recently became members of the Smart Card Alliance, joining other leading companies such as RSA Security, VeriSign, and IBM who have been long-time members.

Member Profile

This month Smart Card Talk spoke with Michael Regelski, Vice President of Software Development for Lenel. Mr. Regelski is responsible for defining the strategic direction of the company's software development organization. He also oversees product development schedules, new software releases and upgrade efforts, as well as new technology evaluation. He works with vendors to deliver new technologies that can be integrated into the Lenel security platform.

Mr. Regelski has more than 16 years of software architecture design and product development experience in the security industry. He is a long-time proponent of physical and logical security integration, and a member of the Smart Card Alliance. Mr. Regelski is the author of numerous articles and three books. He holds an M.S. in Software Development and Management and a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Feature of the Month

Smart Card Applications in the U.S. Healthcare Industry

The healthcare market is on the cusp of a move from physical paper to an electronic world.   In the era of managed care, specialized medicine, thin financial margins, identity fraud, insurance claims submission hassles, and government demand for secure, portable and confidential patient information, the competitiveness of healthcare providers depends on the proper use of information technology.   Increased computerization, database use, and movement of sensitive patient information require focused controls on maintaining the security and confidentiality of those records.

As the industry advances electronically, it must provide heightened records security and ensure confidentiality of individually identifiable patient information.   Data protection is the key concern, fueled by legislation such as HIPAA to increase security of patient health data storage and access.   The mobile nature of today's healthcare administration requires immediate and secure information access without compromising privacy.   This presents smart card technology with a unique opportunity to provide solutions that encompass secure information access and management, while supporting data mobility and maintaining privacy.

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Global Border Control Technology Summit
March 27-28, 2006

SecurityWeek Brazil 2006
March 27-29, 2006
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Cards Brazil 2006
April 3-5, 2006
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April 4, 2006

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5th Annual Smart Cards in Government
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April 18-20, 2006

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CardTech SecurTech 2006
May 2-4, 2006

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June 26-27, 2006

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October 3-5, 2006

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