Overview of Payment Systems, digitization of payments and its efficiencies with Digital ID

This workshop introduces the payment history and current models used internationally. The online course explains the different parties in a payment eco system. It also reviews the current payment technology platforms, creation, securitization and processing of payment transactions, the new technologies and channels becoming available for payments systems and project implementation for systems management tasks. This is a 4-day course that covers the contents listed below.

During Day1 Payment Systems are described including the parties involved in a payment transaction, models of payment systems and risk management. The first day is aimed at familiarizing students with various aspects of the payment systems.

Day 2 gives a deep dive view of the payment systems with information on practical application of the technologies based on the specifications. During this session, back-end system and security subjects are introduced.

The 3rd day workshop discusses the Payment Technologies that provides insight and details of the newly defined techniques for online payment transactions. It examines how to further secure transactions through use of tokenization technologies.  It describes the various ways that transaction information is replaced by a token for added security. We also describe the new technologies being defined by EMVCo that include 3D-Secure and the new Secure Remote Commerce framework. These standards from EMVCo that will help banks and processors to secure their ecommerce and online transactions in a structured and standard way.

Day 4 workshop discusses Digital ID, Digital Currency, Digital-Neo Bank. As more stakeholders migrate to digitize their operations, there are new opportunities for banks, processors, and retailers. Much of the digital world depends on how accurate a person can de identified. The Digital ID section describes in detail concepts and usage of Digital IDs. Digital Currencies include what is known as Bitcoin and Blockchain, and central bank digital currencies. Digital currency in its various forms is described and discussed during day 4.

Who should Attend:

  • Bank Strategic decision makers
  • Digital system architects
  • Banking services development team
  • Merchant System Operations
  • Process engineering team
  • System Network Architects
  • Product Development
  • Product Management and Marketing
  • IT and Technical Departments


Day 1 – Payment Systems Overview

  • Payment System Overview
  • History of Payment types
  • Parties in a Payment Transaction
  • Payment System Models
  • Types of Payment Systems
  • Payment System Functions
  • Payment Domains
  • Payment System Settlement
  • Ownership and Regulations
  • Risk Management
  • Cross Border Payments
  • Introduction to fraud and security techniques
  • Credentials and EMV cards and their security methods

Day 2 – EMV-Based Payments and Online Payments

  • Digital Payment Frameworks
  • Detailed EMV Payments Systems Operations
  • Mobile and Contactless Payments
  • Payment Platforms, Back-end operations Project Management
  • Online Fraud and security techniques
  • Types of Fraud in payments, Security technologies, Layered approach to combat different types of fraud
  • ATM Technologies of the future
  • Compliance

Day 3 – Payment Technologies

  • Payment Tokenization
  • 3D-Secure
  • Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) platform
  • New Payment channels – in US Zelle, PayPal etc.
  • Review of the training

Day 4 – Digital ID, Digital Currency, Digital-Neo Bank

  • What is Digital Identification
  • Attributes of Identity
  • Credentials, Validation & Verification
  • Digital ID Models and Privacy Regulations
  • Digital Credentials Adoption
  • Blockchain and Bitcoin Technologies
  • Central Bank Digital Currency
  • Introduction to Digital Banking /Neo Banking
  • The new model of digital banking
  • Change of mindset on digital banking
  • Digital Bank Architecture
  • Integration with legacy banking

SPA-21: 4-Day – Payment Fundamentals, Payment Technologies, Digital Payment Framework, Digital ID and Digital Banking workshop, is brought to you by Secure Payments Academy, America’s Payments Experts and led by skilled instructors with more than 3 decades of technical, systems and business case experience in payments systems and technologies. This course is a deep dive guide into “Payments Fundamentals and how to enhance it by adopting newer technologies”.