Smart Card Alliance Launches Expert Video Series on NFC Technology in the United States

Smart Card Alliance Launches Expert Video Series on NFC Technology in the United States

Princeton Junction, N.J., September 24, 2013–With annual shipments of NFC-enabled devices poised to hit 1 billion by 2017¹, the Smart Card Alliance has recruited five experts to provide education on the promising technology with a new video series launched today, “NFC in the United States.” The series of five videos (plus a special highlight video) is available to view at /activities-videos-nfc-in-the-united-states.

“NFC technology gets a lot of attention for its potential in the payments industry, but NFC is an important technology that can deliver innovation and convenience through many applications in areas like access control, healthcare, marketing and more,” said Randy Vanderhoof, executive director of the Smart Card Alliance. “To provide educational resources on all of these possibilities, we have gathered the experts in the technology to share their expertise and visions for the future of NFC in short educational videos.”

This Smart Card Alliance video series features experts on NFC technology sharing their views on topics including the global adoption of NFC technology to date, innovative NFC applications available today, marketing possibilities with NFC, and NFC’s relationship with other growing technologies like cloud-based applications. An overview of the series and the state of NFC technology in the United States is available in the highlight video ”NFC in the United States.”

The remaining videos in the series cover these topics, with full transcripts available:

  • “The Global Adoption of NFC” with Koichi Tagawa of Sony and the Chairman of the NFC Forum
  • “The Many Applications of NFC” with Neil McEvoy, CEO of Consult Hyperion
  • “NFC and Cloud as Complementary Technologies” with Todd Ablowitz, founder of Double Diamond Group
  • “Marketing Possibilities with NFC” with Tony Sabetti, director of Merchant Integration and Commerce Development at Isis
  • “NFC for Physical and Logical Access” with Peter Cattaneo, vice president at Intercede

For more education on NFC, visit the Smart Card Alliance NFC resource page at /smart-cards-applications-nfc.

¹ Berg Insight, June 2013

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