Smart Card Alliance Presents 2010 Outstanding Smart Card Achievement Awards

Smart Card Alliance Presents 2010 Outstanding Smart Card Achievement Awards

Winners: Bank of America, ViVOtech, Gemalto, and Kelli Emerick

SMART CARD ALLIANCE 2010 ANNUAL CONFERENCE, SCOTTSDALE, AZ, MAY 19, 2010 – The Smart Card Alliance today announced the winners of its prestigious “Outstanding Smart Card Achievement” (OSCA) awards. The awards were announced during the Smart Card Alliance 2010 Annual Conference, being held this week at the Camelback Marriott Resort and Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“If one word were to describe our OSCA winners this year, it would be ‘innovative,’” said Randy Vanderhoof, executive director of the Smart Card Alliance. “All of our winners have made exciting and groundbreaking contributions to the smart card market this year, from making our payments more secure and convenient, to increasing our national security. We are proud to be able to recognize these achievements and the innovators that made them happen.”

Outstanding Issuing Organization

The Outstanding Issuing Organization Award was given to Bank of America for its revolutionary smart card-based two-factor authentication program, SafePass, for online banking. Bank of America’s SafePass card is a contact smart card with a display built right into the card. Consumers press a button on the card, and the chip creates and displays a one-time password (OTP) right on the card. By entering the OTP as part of online banking transactions, Bank of America customers get two-factor authentication, providing an extra layer of security when authorizing sensitive transactions.

Outstanding Innovation in Payments Technology

The Outstanding Innovation in Payments Technology Award went to ViVOtech’s Citi Tap and Pay NFC Mobile pilot in Bangalore, the largest pilot program of its kind to date. ViVOtech provides an end-to-end solution for consumers equipped with NFC handsets to easily download their credit, debit, prepaid or loyalty cards over the air (OTA) and store them securely on their mobile phones. They can then go to any merchant enabled with a contactless payment reader, select the payment method and just wave their phone at the reader to make a payment.

Outstanding Innovation in Security Technology

The Outstanding Innovation in Security Technology Award was given to Gemalto’s Smart Guardian (SG) FIPS, a smart card-based, encrypted USB drive for government employees and/or contractors that often have to handle sensitive or confidential data. Gemalto’s SG FIPS USB is a zero-footprint secure flash drive, meaning it is self-contained and does not require any software installations or downloads. It is FIPS-140-2 certified, and meets Military Standard 810-F environmental standards. It also offers additional security and interoperability with federal Personal Identity Verification (PIV) credentials.

Outstanding Individual Leadership

The Outstanding Individual Leadership Award went to Kelli Emerick, the executive director of the Secure ID Coalition. Over the last seven years, Ms. Emerick has had a significant impact on the smart card industry, and the efficiency of our government through the use of smart card technology. With her leadership, the smart card industry has provided testimony three times before Congress: the Veterans Affairs committee on card technology; the Homeland Security committee on the subject of RealID and Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI); and the Senate Judiciary committee on biometric cards for identity protection.

A distinguished panel representing practitioners, technology providers and media, all with extensive smart card technology experience and industry visibility, selected the award winners. The jury evaluated all qualified OSCA applications and scored them according to the award criteria and eligibility rules.


The Smart Card Alliance also recognized finalists in each of the award categories.

  • Outstanding Issuer Organization Award finalists: LifeMed Card, Inc., and the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) program.
  • Outstanding Innovation in Payments Technology Award finalists: Giesecke & Devrient’s Mobile Security Card® RF and HID Global’s US Bank PayID card program.
  • Outstanding Innovation in Security Technology Award finalists: the Codebench PIVCheck Software Suite, and Oberthur Technologies’ ID-One™ PIV BIO card.
  • Outstanding Individual Leadership Award finalists: Paul Contino, vice president of Information Technology, Mount Sinai Medical Center; and Thomas Lockwood, senior technical consultant to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Noblis.

Council Member Recognition

The Smart Card Alliance industry councils have made significant contributions to the smart card industry, a result of the tremendous commitment of the many individuals who participate in and contribute to Council projects. New this year, the Smart Card Alliance celebrated this hard work by recognizing the top three individual contributors in each of the industry councils. They are:

  • Contactless and Mobile Payments Council: Deborah Baxley, Independent; Simon Hurry, Visa, Inc.; and Mohammad Khan, ViVOtech.
  • Healthcare Council: Paul Contino, Mount Sinai Medical Center; Dale Grogan, LifeMed Card Inc.; and Michael Magrath, Gemalto.
  • Identity Council: Sal D’Agostino, IDmachines LLC; Gilles Lisimaque, Identification Technology Partners, Inc.; and Neville Pattinson, Gemalto.
  • Physical Access Council: Sal D’Agostino, IDmachines LLC; Roger Roehr, Roehr Consulting; and Lars Suneborn, Hirsch Electronics.
  • Transportation Council: Jerry Kane, SEPTA; Mike Nash, ACS, A Xerox Company; and Brian Stein, Independent.

The Alliance also recognized an “honor roll” for each council, comprised of the individuals who were leading contributors and participants in the council projects and activities. Each honor roll can be found, along with more information about the Smart Card Alliance 2010 Annual Conference, OSCA winners and finalists including past winners, on the Alliance Web site at: /activities-osca-awards.

About the Smart Card Alliance

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