The Smart Card Forum Recognizes Gilles Lisimaque and William Barr as Industry Champions

The Smart Card Forum Recognizes Gilles Lisimaque and William Barr as Industry Champions

In recognition of their hard work and milestone achievements in the smart card industry, the Smart Card Forum has presented William Barr, Executive Director of Telcordia Technologies and Gilles Lisimaque, CTO of Gemplus Corporation with an “Industry Champion Award” at the 8th Annual Meeting held September 25-28 in San Francisco.

“We were pleased to present both of these remarkable individuals with an “Industry Champion Award” for providing their dedication and unlimited support to the Smart Card Forum and the industry at large”, said Donna Farmer, President and CEO of the Smart Card Forum. “Both have been selfless in their dedication to the industry and their devotion to the Smart Card Forum. We are delighted to have honored these two industry leaders.”

“The Smart Card Forum is a leading voice for the industry and educator about smart card technology”, said Barr. “It has made a significant impact on the market for smart card technology in the United States. I am pleased to be part of this organization and its support of industry efforts.”

“I am very pleased to have been rewarded with this gift,” said Gilles Lisimaque of Gemplus Corporation. “But no one individual can do everything by himself. It is by working together towards a common goal, with team members such as found in the Forum that we are able to drive the adoption of smart cards in the United States.”

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