Top Mobile Services Executives Set to Explore the Role of NFC Technology at the 2014 NFC Solutions Summit

Top Mobile Services Executives Set to Explore the Role of NFC Technology at the 2014 NFC Solutions Summit

Princeton Junction, N.J., May 19, 2014 – Executives from leading mobile, financial services and retail organizations will provide insights on the opportunities and issues facing mobile NFC technology and adoption during a full day of keynote presentations next month at the 2014 NFC Solutions Summit, the most anticipated NFC event of the year.

The 2014 NFC Solutions Summit, presented by the Smart Card Alliance in partnership with the NFC Forum and the NFC World Congress, will be held on June 3-4 at the Renaissance Arboretum Hotel in Austin, Texas. Details about the event, attendees, exhibitors and agenda for the pre-conference workshops and the conference are now available at

“NFC can play a significant role in our mobile future by enabling fast, secure and convenient transactions for payments, access, identity, ticketing and marketing,” said Randy Vanderhoof, executive director of the Smart Card Alliance. “Now that NFC has become standard in many mobile devices, we are bringing together thought leaders from across the ecosystem to look at the ways we can seize this important opportunity and more quickly put innovative NFC applications into the hands of the millions of consumers who have the technology.”

The conference begins on June 3 with a full day of plenary keynote speakers and roundtable panel sessions, including:

  • “NFC and the Growth of Connected Consumer Electronics Devices – Koichi Tagawa, NFC Forum
  • “NFC and the Next Generation of Payments”– Carolyn Balfany, MasterCard
  • “Security and the Isis Mobile Wallet”– Scott Mulloy, Isis
  • “NFC as an Enabler for Enriched Consumer Shopping and Better Payments Security”– Christopher Cox, First Data; David Talach, PayPal; Gregory Todd, Toys’R’Us; Siva Narendra, Tyfone
  • “Capital One: A Mobile Strategy That Evolves With the Times” – Paul Moreton, Capital One
  • “A Look at Mobile Devices Beyond Payment” – Howard Krieger, AT&T
  • “Mobile Networks’ NFC Deployments and Best Practices” – Rafael Diaz, GSMA
  • “What Happens When Mobile Technologies Collide? Unlocking the Potential of NFC, BLE, and Biometrics”– John Ekers, ABnote
  • “Does Host Card Emulation Create a New Playing Field for NFC?” – Erich Tompkins, AT&T; Jack Jania, Gemalto; Tony Sabetti, Isis; Ted Fifelski, SimplyTapp

On the second day, June 4, attendees will be invited to choose from multi-speaker panel sessions in separate NFC Technology and NFC Business Solutions tracks, with NFC topics including: the state of the technology; developments in new devices and applications; the status of the growing ecosystem; the promise of payments, marketing, access control and other popular applications; implementation guidance; and North American and international experiences with pilots and implementations.

Prior to the conference, on June 2, attendees are invited to attend two workshops:

The NFC Mobile Security Approaches and Business Applications Workshop, developed and presented by the Smart Card Alliance Educational Institute, will cover the fundamentals of NFC; security approaches using the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) secure element and HCE; the use of NFC mobile devices for payments, identity and access control and other applications; and the role of the various RF technologies supported by mobile phones for different applications.

How to Build an NFC Start-up shows NFC entrepreneurs and developers how to jumpstart go-to-market planning and strategy. It covers the NFC start-up landscape; demystifies RFID and NFC and their application uses; explores HCE; and discusses how Apple affects technology strategy.

Separate registration and fees apply to attend these courses. To register, visit

For continuing updates on the NFC Solutions Summit and related topics, follow @SmartCardOrgUSA on Twitter and use #NFCSummit2014 to participate in the conversation.

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