Training and Certification Quarterly Newsletter (April 2015)


Certification Recipients Top 350

Training Programs Hit Milestone

Exciting news surrounds our training and certification programs. To date we have awarded CSCIP certifications to 270 smart card industry professionals since the program’s inception in 2009. The three CSCIP credentials – CSCIP, CSCIP/Government and CSCIP/Payments (the newest certification added in 2012) – have become the benchmark for professionals where proven expertise in smart card industry knowledge and applications experience is critical. Other developments:

  • Nearly two dozen member companies have completed the CSCIP Corporate Training Program for their staff
  • Corporations who enroll 10 or more individuals qualify for a discounted group rate, and two or more companies can combine their individual training into one class to reach the minimum number of participants
  • We’re currently working on a system for individuals to take the CSCIP/P exam, and exam re-testing, online. We’ll communicate more information once beta-testing is complete

CSEIP Prepares the PACS Industry

In July 2014 we launched the new Certified System Engineer ICAM PACS (CSEIP) training and certification program. In less than one year over 100 individuals have either registered for or completed the training. The program provides training for systems engineers to learn how to set up and test E-PACS to align with government-wide specifications. Other developments:

  • The CSEIP Certification is requested by a growing number of agencies and is increasingly becoming a pre-requisite for both manufacturers and system integrators physical access control system service providers. Interest is building for corporate CSEIP classes, which will be announced over the next few months
  • “On the road” CSEIP classes outside of the usual venue in Gaithersburg, MD, have proved quite popular, and upcoming dates in Charleston, SC, and Denver, CO, will be announced shortly on the website

New Resources

The video recording of the full-day preconference workshop delivered at the Smart Card Alliance 2015 Payments Summit, Payments Technologies and Innovations: Payment Strategy Considerations for Issuers, Retailers and Transit Agencies, is now posted for LEAP and CSCIP member access. The workshop provides a comprehensive discussion of the key new technologies and payment approaches that are changing the U.S. payments landscape over the next few years. The workshop includes detailed discussion of NFC mobile contactless payments, QR code-based mobile payments, tokenization and EMV. Focused sessions for issuers, retailers and transit agencies discuss how future payment strategies can be defined to take advantage of the new technologies and innovations. The workshop concludes with a panel of industry stakeholders discussing and debating the merits of the different approaches.

The Smart Card Alliance Payments Council published a new white paper, The True Cost of Data Breaches In the Payments Industry, in March 2015. The white paper provides an educational resource for payments industry stakeholders on the potential tangible and intangible costs that could be incurred during a data breach.

The Smart Card Alliance Access Control Council published a new resource, Guide Specification for Architects and Engineers for Smart Card-based PACS Cards and Readers for Non-government PACS. The resource provides a tool for architects, engineers, consultants, integrators, manufacturers and end users to incorporate smart card-based physical access control cards and readers into specifications.

The EMV Migration Forum has published a number of new public resources on EMV, including:

Welcome New Certification Recipients

Congratulations to the following individuals who recently received their certification credentials.

CSEIP Recipients

  • Douglas Kim, Business Integra*
  • Matthew Martino, Business Integra*
  • David Miller, Business Integra*
  • Daniel Reilly, Business Integra*
  • Anthony Shields, Business Integra*
  • Wayne Budd, Tyco Integrated Security*
  • Jeff Deweese, Tyco Integrated Security*
  • Clyde Fox, Tyco Integrated Security*
  • Martin Hoffman, Tyco Integrated Security*
  • Joe Mikula, Tyco Integrated Security*
  • Mike Plaugher, Tyco Integrated Security*
  • Jeff Ryder, Tyco Integrated Security*
  • JC Viricochea, Tyco Integrated Security*
  • Jason Wills, Tyco Integrated Security*
  • Shawn Hood, Xator Corp*
  • Charles Campbell, Security & Energy Technology Corporation
  • Mark Dale, XTec, Incorporated
  • Ray Dickler, eMentum
  • Mark Entrikin, SCI Inc.
  • Mike Ford, Apex Integrated Security Solutions, Inc.
  • Matt Geer, Orion Management LLC
  • Derek Greenland, AMAG Technology, Inc.
  • Eric Grist, S2 Security
  • Mala Grover, Digitronics, Inc.
  • Kayee Hanaoka, NIST
  • James Hansen, Chenega Corporation
  • Nathan Hott, Genesis Security Systems, LLC
  • Quinn Knight, DHS – U.S. Customers and Border Protection
  • Karen Marshall, NIST
  • Cheston Obert, DHS – U.S. Customers and Border Protection
  • Joseph Verdi, Security & Energy Technology Corporation
  • Joshua Wernick, Kratos Public Safety and Security



  • Laura Brandenburg, TSYS*
  • Julie Minkanic, TSYS*
  • Janet Nash, TSYS*
  • Rodger Ransom, TSYS*
  • VJ Roberts, TSYS*
  • Jason Sheppard, TSYS*
  • Roberto Cardenas, TSYS Acquiring Solutions*
  • John Flood, TSYS Acquiring Solutions*
  • Katherine Heck, TSYS Acquiring Solutions*


  • Tucker Neely, TSYS Acquiring Solutions*
  • Milind Bengeri, Discover Financial Services
  • Sam Boutros, ACI Worldwide
  • Rich Goodwin, LTK Engineering Services
  • Antoine Kelman, Oberthur Technologies
  • Patrick Marron, LTK Engineering Services
  • Tony Sabetti, Softcard
  • Terry Schindler, Q-Card Company
  • Tia Waters, Gilbarco Veeder-Root

* Corporate Training Participant

CSCIP Upcoming Training and Exam Dates

If you are planning on taking the training and/or exam, make sure to save the date and set up a reminder in your calendar to register. If your company is interested in hosting a corporate exam, let us know.

  • CSCIP and CSCIP/G Training and Exam, June 8 (training) and June 9 (exam), Washington, DC, 2015 Government Conference

More resources:

Visit the CSCIP portion of the website for more information.

CSEIP Upcoming Training and Exam Dates

Three sessions have been scheduled for this three-day course, which includes two days of training, with the exam scheduled for the third and final day. The first two trainings will be held in Gaithersburg, MD, about 30 minutes from Washington, DC, with the June date scheduled in Huntsville, AL. Courses fill up quickly so if you’re interested, sign up today.

  • CSEIP Training and Exam – May 5-7, 2015, Gaithersburg, MD
  • CSEIP Training and Exam – May 19-21, 2015, Gaithersburg, MD
  • CSEIP Training and Exam – June 2-4, 2015 Huntsville, AL at the Courtyard Huntsville, AL

More resources:

Visit the CSEIP portion of the website for more information.

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