Training and Certification Quarterly Newsletter (November 2015)


Welcome to the Smart Card Alliance Training and Certification newsletter, a quarterly update distributed to members of the Smart Card Alliance Leadership, Education and Advancement Program (LEAP), CSEIP and CSCIP recipients. This is the last issue of 2015, so please visit the LEAP, CSCIPCSEIP portions of our website for news and updates. Thank you for your membership and interest, and please email us with any suggestions for future content.

Welcome New Certification Recipients

Congratulations to the following individuals who recently received their certification credentials.


  • Samnang Yuk, ICF International
  • Joe Cisneros, CPI Card Group*
  • Julie Dunn, CPI Card Group*
  • Lauren Jebens, CPI Card Group*
  • Naresh Bhandar, Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • A.N.M. Khaleqdad Khan, KONA I Co. Ltd
  • Ujval Mysore, American Express
  • Philippa Bremer, MasterCard Worldwide*
  • Carla Epp, TSYS*Joel Fitts, TSYS*
  • Kitty Flowers, TSYS*
  • Andrew Graham, TSYS*
  • Anthony Hale, TSYS*
  • Eric Johnson, TSYS*
  • Donnis Jones, TSYS*
  • Michael Karabasz, TSYS*
  • Christy Lynch, TSYS*
  • Mark McGee, TSYS*
  • Karen Piester, TSYS*
  • Srinivasa (Prasad) Pothineedu, TSYS*
  • Payal Shah, TSYS*
  • Essi Tasker, TSYS*
  • Ron Tyler, TSYS*


  • Aric Ament, Stanley Security Solutions
  • Julian Figueroa, HID Global
  • Ken George, Caprock Consulting Group
  • Jim Kemp, COLSA Solutions
  • Jared Murry, Access Systems Inc.
  • DeWayne Somers, Orion Management LLC
  • Bill Thomas, DoJ – Executive Office US Attorneys
  • Delbert Wheeler, HID Global

*Denotes corporate training exam recipients

Training Module Updates

All CSCIP, CSCIP/G and CSCIP/P body of knowledge Training Modules have been updated and posted on the CSCIP pages. These updated Training Modules are being used as the basis for all training courses and exams going forward, so please be sure to download the new documents, review the summary of changes document, and review the new content to prepare for the exams.

New Resources Available

We encourage you to take a look at the many educational resources available to you, including white papers and webinars from the Smart Card Alliance and the EMV Migration Forum. Check out some recent offerings produced by the Smart Card Alliance Councils and EMV Migration Forum Working Committees:

Coming Soon: CSCIP Upcoming Training and Exam Dates

Dates for 2016 training and exams for CSCIP, CSCIP/Government and CSCIP/Payment certification will be posted shortly. Before signing up, you’ll need to fill out an application. Check these resources:

If your company is interested in hosting a corporate exam, let us know; discounts are given to corporate exams. Visit the CSCIP portion of the website for more information

CSEIP Upcoming Training and Exam Dates

Several sessions have been scheduled for this three-day course, which includes two days of training, with the exam scheduled for the third and final day. The trainings are now scheduled at our new Smart Card Alliance Training Center in Arlington, VA. Courses fill up quickly so if you’re interested, sign up today.

  • CSEIP Training and Exam – Nov. 17 – 19, 2015, Smart Card Alliance Training Center
  • CSEIP Training and Exam – Dec. 8 – 10, 2015, Smart Card Alliance Training Center
  • CSEIP Training and Exam – Jan. 19 – 21, 2016, Smart Card Alliance Training Center
  • CSEIP Training and Exam – Feb. 16 – 18, 2016, Smart Card Alliance Training Center
  • CSEIP Training and Exam – March 29 – 31,2016, Smart Card Alliance Training Center
  • CSEIP Training and Exam – April 26 – 28, 2016, Smart Card Alliance Training Center

Download the CSEIP application – Fillable Word Form, PDF. Visit the CSEIP portion of the website for more information.

See Who Is Certified

View the complete list of CSCIP and CSEIP members. You can sort the list by individual name, company name, or date of certification.

Promote Your Certification

If you have a CSCIP or CSEIP designation, be sure to promote your certification in your signature in all of your email and hard copy correspondence, as well as on business cards and letterhead. If you need a copy of a specific logo credential, please email Shelbey Votapek to request one.