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Secure Technology Alliance Educational Institute Courses

The Secure Technology Alliance Educational Institute develops and conducts educational courses to provide objective and timely information on smart cards, related technologies, and smart card-enabled applications to Alliance members and the public, including private industry, government, and the public sector. The Educational Institute offers both online and classroom-based courses covering smart card technology and applications.

The Educational Institute’s industry-renowned classroom programs feature expert speakers to provide participants with a solid understanding of smart card technology, standards and applications. Courses are held in conjunction with Alliance or other industry events. Check the Secure Technology Alliance conference schedule for the next EI classroom-based course and workshop offering.

The Educational Institute also offers customized courses and workshops for specific industries at Alliance and industry events.

Fundamentals of Smart Card Technology Online Course

This online course provides a thorough overview of the state of the smart card industry, the basic components of smart card technology and the applications used throughout the global marketplace. The course covers a broad array of topics from why people are moving to smart cards to how the basic structure of smart card architecture is formed and utilized.

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