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Smart Card Alliance Mobile and NFC Security Fundamentals Webinar Series

The Smart Card Alliance Mobile and NFC Council, in partnership with GlobalPlatform and the NFC Forum, hosted a series of four webinars on mobile and NFC security fundamentals. The goal of the webinar series was to provide an educational resource for mobile application developers and the mobile community on the choices for security implementations for NFC applications. The webinar series started with an overview of the security architecture in mobile devices and then focused on providing detailed looks at security considerations using secure elements and NFC tags. The series concluded with presentations on the security implementations for different use cases.

Webinar Series Recordings

Anatomy of a Mobile Device: Security Architecture and Secure Provisioning
Webinar Date: March 5, 2013–2pm ET/11am PT

This webinar, held in partnership with GlobalPlatform, described the mobile device architecture, its security interfaces, use of secure elements and Trusted Execution Environment, and secure provisioning. Speakers include: Randy Vanderhoof, Smart Card Alliance; Kevin Gillick, GlobalPlatform; Philip Hoyer, HID Global; Gil Bernabeu, GlobalPlatform

Secure Elements 101
Webinar Date: March 28, 2013–1pm ET/10am PT

This webinar described the types of secure elements currently being used in mobile devices, their interaction with other applications in the mobile device and their use with different applications. Speakers include: Brent Bowen, INSIDE Secure; Greg Coogan, Morpho Cards; Sanjiv Rawat, Giesecke & Devrient; Sree Swaminathan, First Data.

NFC Forum Tags and Security Considerations
Webinar Date: April 18, 2013–1pm ET/10am PT

This webinar, held in partnership with the NFC Forum, reviewed the different NFC Forum tag types, the applications that use each tag type, provisioning for tags and security considerations when implementing tags. Speakers include: Tony Rosati, NFC Forum/Blackberry; Joe Tassone, Identive; Randy Vanderhoof, Smart Card Alliance; Mike Zercher, NXP Semiconductors; Rob Zivney, Identification Technology Partners

NFC Application Use Cases: Security Perspectives
Webinar Date: May 9, 2013–1pm ET/10am PT

This webinar, held in partnership with the NFC Forum, presented several NFC uses cases and describe the security implementation. Planned applications include logical access, physical access and mobile payment. Speakers include: Christian Ali, SecureKey Technologies; Jonathan Main, NFC Forum/MasterCard; Steve Rogers, IQ Devices; Tony Sabetti, Isis; Randy Vanderhoof, Smart Card Alliance.