Membership Information

Membership Information

Secure Technology Alliance members come from a diverse mix of U.S. and international organizations, covering the full spectrum of industry suppliers, integrators and end user organizations that support the implementation of smart card based systems. Membership is open to individuals and companies who focus resources and energy on the utilization of smart card technology.

See a list of current Secure Technology Alliance members.

See a list of current Smart Card Alliance Latin America Chapter members.

Membership Facts:

Membership Levels

The Secure Technology Alliance offers six levels of membership, each designed to meet your specific needs. The membership period begins on the first day of the month of your approved membership agreement, and runs for 12 months. Renewal notices are sent approximately 45 days prior to the one year anniversary date. Learn more about the different membership levels.

Membership Application

Please visit to download the membership application and join the Alliance.

Benefits of Membership

We’d like to invite you to join the Secure Technology Alliance. Below are the benefits to your organization:

  1. Visibility – Putting your organization at the forefront of leaders in industry and government through active participation in meetings, conferences, news bulletins, web resources and the organization’s outreach efforts promoting the industry and our members.
  2. Networking – Establishing valuable contacts to help your organization improve and grow, using meeting facilities and events to maximize business opportunities.
  3. Innovation – Working with peers to explore new ways of approaching common business goals and preparing the infrastructure and end users in different vertical markets for change. Stimulate and plan changes in multiple levels of the value and service chain to prepare for doing business with secure technologies.
  4. Training and Professional Development – Accessing comprehensive individual and corporate training and professional development programs about smart card technology, security principles and common applications for secure solutions in payments, identity management, access control, and mobile.
  5. Lower research or implementation costs – Sharing work with peers from other organizations to reduce the time and cost needed to evaluate new business models, think through and plan complex implementation details, develop best practices and resolve industry issues.
  6. Standards support – Influencing standards bodies and contributing input as an industry organization into standardization efforts.
  7. Information, research and learning – Gaining priority access to new policies, technology advances, and legislative changes through meetings, conferences, exhibitions, council participation, white papers, and educational programs.
  8. Business and industry outreach – Carrying your message promoting the value of secure solutions into many sectors to expand business opportunities for industry providers, and for end users looking for vendor neutral information.
  9. Advance knowledge – Gaining market advantage by getting information and acting on it before many “outsiders” know it is happening.
  10. Growing the pie – Working collectively with other organizations and end users to help to grow the size of the industry.

Membership Kit

If you prefer to download individual documents that comprise our membership kit, you can access them here.