Membership Information

Membership Information

Membership in the Secure Technology Alliance is made up of digital security technology adopter and provider organizations of all sizes focused on the payments, mobile, healthcare, identity and access, transportation and other emerging markets (such as IoT). Membership is particularly appropriate for those companies and organizations interested and involved in promoting solutions that build security into every device, product and service throughout their lifecycles.

Membership Mission

Driven by its member companies, Alliance member organizations aim to explore best practices for designing and building secure applications and systems in payments, mobile, healthcare, identity and access, transportation and other emerging markets such as IoT. Their findings are turned into valuable assets members use to educate and influence the industry, and to bring to their own organizations and clients to inform their business and development strategies.

Membership Levels

The Secure Technology Alliance offers six levels of membership, each designed to meet your specific needs. The membership period begins on the first day of the month of your approved membership agreement, and runs for 12 months.

Membership Application

Considering membership? The Secure Technology Alliance is the right place to be for organizations either entering the digital security industry or are already active participants that need to implement a secure solution to protect identities and data, develop cutting-edge secure solutions for their customers, or follow security trends in the market.

Membership Benefits

Membership and participation in Alliance activities enables organizations of all sizes, and their respective individual members, in all industries to not only be at the forefront of digital security, but to help shape it by sharing expertise, debating with industry thought leaders and influencing industry best practices. Implementer members take away the knowledge to build business strategies needed to implement secure solutions and protect their valuable intellectual property, data and other assets. Technology providers take away insights to help differentiate and commercialize their products and services in the fast-changing connected environment. The Alliance provides important business networking opportunities to exchange information and develop contacts, and each level of membership offers complimentary conference passes and other benefits.