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A message from the Secure Technology Alliance about COVID-19 and the continued support of the Alliance’s payments and security industry activities. Learn More.

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Continuous Innovation

Over the past twelve months, companies have been forced to embrace new technology like never before. Whether it’s video conferencing, touchless payments, or other digital services, we’ve seen a rapid adoption of new technologies that make our lives more efficient. There is a lot to consider when one steps back and surveys how these changes might affect individual work environments. That’s why it is more important than ever that we leverage the strengths and diversity within the Secure Technology Alliance to help facilitate meaningful collaboration and education on these key topics. Read my letter for my thoughts on our opportunities for the coming year.

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The Alliance is driven by its U.S.-focused member companies. Through participation in the breadth of Alliance activities, members strengthen personal and organizational networks and members take away the insights to build the business strategies needed to commercialize secure products and services in this dynamic environment.

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Dynamic Security Code Cards Webinar

Learn about how dynamic security code cards can provide a new layer of defense against CNP fraud.

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Secure Technology Alliance industry events provide deep insights and a roadmap to the future direction of secure solutions in the digital security industry. Learn More.

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Discover the future of payments, hear about the current state of the market and learn from others’ experiences at these payments events.

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Identity/Security Events

Explore today’s complex world of digital identities and how they are used for strong authentication and authorization.

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Find more relevant industry events.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Open Payment Framework with ISO 15118

Learn about a proposed framework for supporting standards-based, open payment for electric vehicle charging.

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Read Alliance resources to get accurate, objective analysis on what is happening in the digital security industry, why, and what the best practices are for moving forward. Available resources include white papers, FAQs, infographics, perspectives, position papers, webinars and more.


The Alliance helps train people to manage and develop more secure solutions across a variety of technologies and solutions through providing training programs to members and non-members, including workshops, educational courses, certification preparation, briefings and symposiums.

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Mobile Driver’s Licenses and Ecosystem

Listen to the Identity Council webinar series to learn about mobile driver’s license technology, use cases and challenges

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