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Secure Technology Alliance has made a downloadable Use Case template available to guide you through developing your requirements and process for accepting a Mobile Driver’s License. Download the Word document. It will help you build the business case, capture operational requirements, and design the interaction of how your customers will present an mDL to you for better customer experience and more accurate identity.

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The U.S. Payments Forum is the only organization representing the entire payments ecosystem, including global brands, issuers, merchants, processors, domestic debit networks, mobile payments providers, eCommerce security solutions, industry suppliers, and more. Forum activities address the implementation of a wide range of payments technologies including EMV, tokenization, card-not-present fraud mitigation technologies, encryption, and mobile and contactless payments.


The Identity and Access Forum is a cooperative, cross-industry body dedicated to development, advancement, and adoption of secure identity technologies, including physical and logical access. Through the collaborative efforts of a diverse group of stakeholders, the Forum advocates for market adoption of trusted, user-centric, and interoperable digital identities to ensure safe and seamless access to services across all interactions.


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Explore today’s complex world of digital identities and how they are used for strong authentication and authorization.

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