Dynamic Security Code Cards Webinar

Dynamic Security Code Card

Dynamic Security Code Cards Webinar

Securing online transactions is top-of-mind for retailers, issuers, and everyone in-between.  Card-not-present fraud represents an outsized percentage of overall fraud, and dynamic security codes can help to combat online fraud by adding an extra layer of security.

The Secure Technology Alliance Payments Council hosted  the ”Dynamic Security Code Cards” webinar for payments industry leaders looking to dynamic security codes for more secure e-commerce transactions. The webinar outlined the benefits of the technology and provided in-depth information on implementation considerations and impacts for industry stakeholders.

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Attendees of the webinar will come away with a better understanding of:

  • The prevalence of card-not-present fraud after the migration to EMV and the recent increase following the pandemic, including the impact on stakeholders
  • Dynamic security code card technology and how the cards work
  • Benefits of dynamic security code cards, including increased security, a familiar consumer experience and transparency to merchants
  • Advantages of dynamic security code cards for issuers, merchants, and consumers
  • Stakeholder implementation considerations

Webinar speakers were:  Jason Bohrer, Secure Technology Alliance; Francine Dubois, IDEMIA; Gerry Glindro, IDEMIA; Cyril Lalo, Ellipse; Oliver Manahan, Infineon Technologies; Tom Rapkoch, Visa.