Identity and Access Forum

Identity & Access Forum

About Identity and Access Forum

The Identity and Access Forum is a cooperative, cross-industry body dedicated to development, advancement, and adoption of secure identity technologies, including physical and logical access. Through the collaborative efforts of a diverse group of stakeholders, the Forum advocates for market adoption of trusted, user-centric, and interoperable digital identities to ensure safe and seamless access to services across all interactions. The organization operates within the Secure Technology Alliance, an association that encompasses all aspects of secure digital technologies.

IAF Mission and Vision Statement

The Identity and Access Forum (IAF) advances the state of the art in Identity and fosters adoption across Identity & Access Management, Trust Frameworks & Ecosystems, Identity Assurance, Digital Identity, and Physical Access Control. IAF committees include Federal and State Government, Enterprises, Technology Vendors, and both Issuers and Relying Parties serving consumers. IAF ethically achieves interoperability, privacy protection, ease of use, and high assurance for all people, aligned with North American priorities.

Working Committees

IAF Advances the State of the Art in Digital Identity and Fosters Adoption Across key functional areas.

The Identity and Access Forum (IAF) has seven working committees focused on topics relevant to Identity and Access and emerging technologies and this is where the work is done.

An overview of the committees’ project status can be found in the Forum’s link to a “Projects & Briefings Page.”

Member chairs and co-chairs lead the committees; members can join any committee and lead or participate in committee projects. The committee members define projects to focus on the critical issues or challenges that impact the Identity and Access industry or the implementation of new identity and access technologies.

The committees meet at IAF in-person meetings and in regular teleconferences. Each committee has a dedicated email list for communications and a collaboration site for managing projects.

Trust Framework and Ecosystems

Policy Guidelines  |  Interoperability & Inter-framework  |  Equity for All  |  Liability Assignment  |  Privacy Redress

Identity Access Management

Enterprise  |  Government  |  Commercial

Identity Assurance

Proofing and Enrollment  |  User Authentication  |  Federation & Credential Protection

Digital IDs

Online/Internet  |  Mobile Identity  |  Lifecycle Management | Issuing Credentials | Accepting Credentials | mDL

Physical Access Control

Entrypoint/Checkpoint  |  Devices  |  Visitor Management

Communication & Education

Website  |  Webinars  |  Education  |  Conferences/Events | Certification Programs

Applied Technology

Internet of Things  |  Artificial Intelligence  |  Interactive Infrastructure & Systems

Identity and Access Forum Steering Committee

Alexandre Pravato Cussigh, ST Microelectronics
David Kelts, GET Group NA – Co-Chair
Guillaume Forget, Cryptomathic
Isaac Young, HID Global
Jim Colleran, CPI Card Group
Mark Dale, Xtec
Mike Yu, UnionPay
Neville Pattinson, Thales
Patrick Tabourin, Entrust – Treasurer
Soumya Chakbarty, JCB
Sruti Jain, Consult Hyperion – Secretary
Tom Lockwood, Vestige Digital – Chair
Carol Zhou, Visa
Gerry Smith, IDTP
Henk van Dam, UL
Jatin Deshpande, Giesecke+Devrient
Mark Brady, Au10Tix
Mark Stafford, Infineon
Mike Zercher, Secure Element Solutions
Patrick Kelly, Mastercard
Preeti Kanwal, American Express
Sri Swaminathan, Fiserv
Teresa Wu, IDEMIA
Won Jun, Intercede
Michael Harris, Nextgenid
Brett Chemaly, Discover

Get Involved

If you have questions about the IAF, committee projects, or if you would like to join a committee, please get in touch with Sandy Mayfield, Managing Director of IAF at [email protected]. If interested in membership contact Charlie Ross [email protected].