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NFC Application Ecosystems Webinar Series

Smart Card Alliance Mobile Council Webinar Series

The Smart Card Alliance Mobile Council hosted a series of webinars for Smart Card Alliance members to describe the wide variety of NFC applications and the ecosystem participants that are involved in delivering those applications. The webinar series provided a broad overview of the different applications NFC is used for, discussed the ecosystems that support the applications, and provide examples of ecosystem stakeholders. The webinar is the result of a Council project launched early in 2012 to review the overlap and unique characteristics of the different application ecosystems.

NFC Application Ecosystems: Introduction, Peer-to-Peer, NFC Tags/Posters and Product Label Applications

Webinar Date: September 27, 2012–1pm ET/10am PT

The first webinar provided in introduction to NFC ecosystems and reviewed peer-to-peer, NFC tags and posters and product label applications. Presenters included: Brent Bowen, INSIDE Secure; Doug Morgan, C-SAM, Bart van Hoek, Collis/UL, and Rob Zivney, Identification Technology Partners.

NFC Application Ecosystems: Marketing, Gaming, Access and Identity Applications

Webinar Date: October 11, 2012–1pm ET/10am PT

The second webinar covers NFC marketing, gaming, access and identity applications. Presenters include: Deborah Baxley, Capgemini; Steve Rogers, Intellisoft; Chandra Srivastava, Visa Inc.; and Tom Zalewski, CorFire.

NFC Application Ecosystems: Social Media, Payments, Ticketing and Transit Applications

Webinar Date: October 25, 2012–1pm ET/10am PT

The third webinar covers social media, payments, ticketing and transit applications. Presenters include: Brent Bowen, INSIDE Secure; David deKozan, Cubic; Josh Kessler, MasterCard Worldwide; and Tom Zalewski, CorFire.