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CSCIP/Payments Training Modules

The Secure Technology Alliance has developed eight training modules covering the body of knowledge for CSCIP/Payment (CSCIP/P) applicants to use to prepare for the CSCIP/P certification exam. Seven modules are common with the CSCIP certification, with one in-depth module on smart card use in payments and financial transactions.

These educational modules prepare applicants for the multi-part CSCIP/P exam administered by the Secure Technology Alliance. CSCIP/P certification requires demonstrated proficiency in smart card technology fundamentals, security and application/data management, mobile and NFC usage models, and payments and financial transaction usage models. Applicants must receive a passing grade on all parts of the exam to receive the CSCIP/P certification.

Important note: The CSCIP/P training modules are only available to LEAP members who have applied and paid for CSCIP/P certification. The modules are for CSCIP/P applicants ONLY for use in preparing for the CSCIP/P exam. These documents may be downloaded and printed by the CSCIP/P applicant. Further reproduction or distribution of these modules in any form is forbidden.

  • Module 1: Smart Card Fundamentals. This module covers the following topics: smart card market and applications; integrated circuit types; form factors; communications interfaces; memory sizes and types; operating systems; manufacturing process; smart card readers; relevant standards and specifications.
  • Module 2: Security. This module covers the following topics: industry certifications and evaluations; integrated circuit level security; card edge interface security; security implications of contact and contactless interfaces; cryptography and PKI; security at the system level.
  • Module 3: Smart Card Application and Data Management. This module covers the following topics: single and multi-application smart cards; chip initialization; key management; issuance; card life cycle management; relevant standards and specifications.
  • Module 4: Smart Card Usage Models–Mobile and NFC. This module covers the following topics: smart card drivers and benefits; mobile telecommunications; UICCs; Near Field Communication (NFC) technology; sample smart card mobile and subscriber models; relevant standards and specifications.
  • Module 6/P: Smart Card Usage Models–Payments and Financial Transactions. This module covers the following topics: smart card drivers and benefits for payments and financial transactions; bank cards; EMV credit/debit payment; contactless payments; mobile/NFC payments; secure remote transactions for online banking and e-commerce; e-purse and stored value cards; smart card use for transit payment in card- and account-based systems; open payments in transit; NFC and transit; parking payment; example smart card payment models; relevant standards and specifications.
  • Module 7: Other Topics–Technology Comparison and Implementation Considerations. This module covers the following topics: RF-enabled contactless smart cards vs. RFID; smart cards vs. other card technologies; project management considerations for smart card system implementations.
  • Module 8: Smart Card Technology and Application Glossary. This module includes a glossary to define commonly used terms related to smart card technology and applications.
  • Module 9: Bibliography. This module is a bibliography of resources for applicants preparing for the CSCIP certification exam.

Note that the CSCIP/P certification has no Module 5; Module 5 is only applicable for the CSCIP and CSCIP/G certifications.