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Identity & Access

Identification and Identity is critical within and across multiple vertical markets. Whether a person’s identity or a device’s identity, the same challenges exist in being able to: create and obtain an identity; use the identity in a wide variety of applications; verify an identity; and establish a chain of trust through identity-related transactions.

Identity has become a complex subject in today’s digital world. It is no longer just a username or email address with an associated password linked to an account containing certain enrolled personal identity information. The need to establish and use stronger trusted credentials has driven industry activities to implement a variety of new secure technologies and to establish new standards.  These new credentials are being used in-person and online to authorize access to facilities, information and services.

The Secure Technology Alliance is active in providing best practices and guidance for implementing secure identity credentials for both government and commercial implementations.  Activities include:

Access Control Council

The Access Control Council focuses on accelerating the widespread acceptance, use and application of secure technologies in various physical and digital form factors for physical and logical access control as applicable to both persons and non-person entities.

Identity Council

The Identity Council provides leadership and coordination and serves as the focal point for the Alliance‘s identity and identity-related efforts leveraging embedded chip technology and privacy- and security-enhancing software.

Mobile Driver’s License Initiative

The Secure Technology Alliance mobile driver’s license initiative was launched to raise awareness, support development, accelerate adoption, and educate the U.S. market on the technology and applications for state-issued mobile driver’s licenses.

Securing Federal Identity Conference

The annual Securing Federal Identity event showcases the future of federal government policies and technology developments for securing federal identity and access control of facilities and network systems.

Government Identity and Credentialing Resources

These resources provide guidance for Federal government credentialing programs.

Training programs

The Alliance Certified Smart Card Industry Professional (CSCIP) and CSCIP/Government certification program provides both training and certification for professionals who possess advanced levels of industry knowledge and experience. The Certified System Engineer ICAM PACS Training and Certification Program (CSEIP) provides advanced training for systems engineers on how to set-up and test enterprise physical access control systems (E-PACS) to align with government-wide specifications.

Knowledge Center

The Secure Technology Alliance Knowledge Center hosts a wealth of resources on identity and physical and logical access control.