Applied Crypto Symposium – The Strategic Approaches for Quantum-Resistant IT Infrastructures

Applied Crypto Symposium

Applied Crypto Symposium – Cybersecurity in the Age of Quantum Computing

As quantum computing evolves at an increased pace, research in the corporate, public and academic sectors are building the foundation for essential cybersecurity practices. The Secure Technology Alliance held a virtual education session, sponsored by Utimaco, that explores this emerging risk and outlines best practices for a quantum-resistant IT infrastructure. Leading experts on post-quantum cryptography shared their expertise and provided concrete recommendations on how to best assess your risk and prepare ahead of the post quantum era.

Presentation PDFs and video are below.

Symposium topics include:

The threat posed by quantum computers to the digital economy, including the timeline and key milestones
Advancements in corporate and academic research to counter the threat of quantum computing
Best practices to protect critical infrastructure ahead of the post-quantum era

About the Secure Technology Alliance

The Secure Technology Alliance is the digital security industry’s premier association. The Alliance brings together leading providers and adopters of end-to-end security solutions designed to protect privacy and digital assets in payments, mobile, identity and access, healthcare, transportation and the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) markets.

The Alliance’s mission is to stimulate understanding, adoption and widespread application of connected digital solutions based on secure chip and other technologies and systems needed to protect data, enable secure authentication and facilitate commerce.

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