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Identity on a Mobile Device

Establishing and using identity on a mobile device can enable stronger authentication and digital signature capabilities for use in applications such as digital driver’s licenses, banking, retail and access control.  The webinar, “Identity on a Mobile Device,” provides information for businesses, mobile device, software and application providers and OEMs looking to understand and accept mobile identity credentials.

Speakers include: David Coley, Intercede; David Kelts, IDEMIA; Tom Lockwood, NextgenID, Inc.; Geoff Slagle, AAMVA; Suraj Sudhakaran, Gemalto; and Randy Vanderhoof, Secure Technology Alliance.

As the world becomes increasingly digital and mobile, organizations are looking for ways to leverage identity on a mobile device to better authenticate citizens, customers and employees. This webinar provides the groundwork for understanding how to establish and use a mobile identity through real-world use cases that are relevant to multiple industry sectors.

Through this webinar, attendees will hear:

  • An overview of and drivers for using mobile identity credentials
  • Use cases that establish and use identity credentials in mobile devices, including: mobile driver’s licenses and strong authentication using mobile derived credentials
  • Next steps for leveraging mobile identity credentials