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Benefits of Membership in the Secure Technology Alliance

Membership and participation in Alliance activities enables organizations of all sizes, and their respective individual members, in all industries to not only be at the forefront of digital security, but to help shape it by sharing expertise, debating with industry thought leaders and influencing industry best practices.

Implementer members take away the knowledge to build business strategies needed to implement secure solutions and protect their valuable intellectual property, data and other assets. Technology providers take away insights to help differentiate and commercialize their products and services in the fast-changing connected environment. The Alliance also provides important business networking opportunities to exchange information and develop contacts.

Member benefits include:

  • Gaining the insights required to build the business strategies needed to implement secure solutions and commercialize products and services
  • Enjoying networking opportunities to establish valuable business contacts and learn from peers and industry thought leaders
  • Gaining up-to-date, valuable market intelligence and collaborating to solve industry issues through participation in the influential industry and technology councils
  • Contributing unique perspectives to trusted educational assets such as white papers, FAQs and position statements
  • Speaking, networking and providing and receiving business strategy insights at Alliance events
  • Influencing best practices and standards within the digital security industry and participating in Alliance-driven industry and government outreach
  • Taking advantage of individual and workforce professional development through training and certification programs
  • Enjoying access to and ability to influence highly-cited educational resources

More Benefits by Membership Level

The Alliance has six levels of membership, with certain levels containing even more exclusive member benefits. Visit the Membership Levels section to learn more.