Event Proceedings : September 18-19, 2012

The National Forum for Open Bank Card Payments and New Fare Collection Technology

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 – Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Loews Philadelphia Hotel • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tuesday, September 18

  • 8:30-45 · Welcome and Introductions
    Randy Vanderhoof, Smart Card Alliance; Craig Roberts, UTA

  • 8:45-9:00 · Welcome and Introductions
    Host Welcome Address: Joseph Casey, SEPTA

  • 9:00-10:30 · Open Payments in Transit
    In this session, leading transit agencies will discuss an update on their open payments implementations.

    Moderator: Randy Vanderhoof, Smart Card Alliance
    Panelists: Craig Roberts, UTA; John McGee, SEPTA; Gene McManus, NJ Transit; Greg Garback, WMATA

  • 10:45-12:15 · Challenges and Opportunities in Commuter Rail
    This session covers cover business challenges, innovation, open payments, convergence, other technologies (e.g., barcodes), and handheld devices in commuter rail and discuss the different approaches being taken. Systems with both 100% inspection and proof-of-payment will be covered.

    Moderator: Mike DeVitto, NYC Transit
    Panelists: James Compton, LIRR; Craig Roberts, UTA; Joshua Robin, MBTA; Jerry Kane, SEPTA

  • 1:15-2:15 · Prepaid Cards for Transit
    This session will discuss approaches for network-branded GPR and closed loop transit prepaid cards for transit.

    Moderator: Mike Nash, Xerox
    Panelists: Tim Walsh, ReadyCredit; Phil Graves, InComm; Gerard Bridi, Edenred; Rob Levy, CFS Innovation

  • 2:15-3:00 · PATCO Prepaid Trial
    Overview & Preparation for Tour.

    Speaker: Kathy Imperatore, PATCO

  • 3:00-4:45 · PATCO and SEPTA Tours

    • PATCO 8th and Market/South Station; Kathy Imperatore, PATCO; Josh Martiesian, LTK Engineering Services
    • SEPTA Operations Center; Jerry Kane, SEPTA

Wednesday, September 19

  • 8:30-9:45 · Financial Roundtable Panel: Payment Brands
    This session will discuss trends in the financial industry and how they relate to transit. Topics covered will include EMV, NFC, contactless payments and regulatory directions that may affect transit.

    Moderator: James Lock, J.P. Morgan Chase
    Panelists: Catherine Amann, American Express; Mark Lulic, MasterCard Worldwide; Sandy Thaw, Visa

  • 10:00-11:30 · Business and Technical Architectures
    This session will discuss architecture and integration, including how these support the business and transit agency expectations. Lessons learned from implementations in transit and other industries will also be covered. Transit Agencies are seeking to implement open systems using a number of approaches but the key elements of using an open architecture that supports multiple suppliers’ devices and software integration to an installed system remain common goals. The session will explore current “open” fare collection systems that are deployed or are in development in the market as well as the approach taken to develop complex systems that support interoperable components in other industries. System integration alternatives will be discussed.

    Moderator: Craig Roberts, UTA Panelists: David deKozan, Cubic; Paula Okunieff, Xerox Corp.; Scott Butler, Accenture; Doug Thomas, Vix Technology; Dan Nysch, CSC

  • 11:30-12:30 · Lunch – Transportation Council Update
    Keynote Speaker: Craig Roberts, UTA

  • 12:30-1:00 · NFC and Transit
    This session will discuss the NFC Forum and GlobalPlatform efforts in defining standards, security approaches and performance requirements for using NFC in transit applications.

    Moderator: Jerry Kane, SEPTA
    Panelists: Kevin Gillick, GlobalPlatform; Peter Preuss, NFC Forum / Nokia

  • 1:00-2:00 · Small and Mid-Sized Agencies and Open Payments
    This session will discus problems and interests of small agencies and approaches for small and mid-sized agencies to accept open payments.

    Moderator: John Gobis, Gobis & Co. LLC
    Panelists: William Jones, Capital Area Transit; Chris Tucker, Trimet; Rick Moore, Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada

  • 2:00-3:00 · Fare Policy Roundtable
    This session will discuss the opportunities and related challenges presented by card-based and account-based payment systems with respect to fare policy, including: simplifying the implementation/operation of an agency’s fare policy (i.e., back-end vs. local table management); enhancing fare policy to cost-effectively mitigate risk (ex., incentivize pre-funded fares); increasing economic benefits to customers through fare policy (ex. systematic application of “best fare” to account).

    Moderator: Joshua Martiesian, LTK Engineering Services
    Panelists: Michael DeVitto, MTA NYC Transit; Dave Brown, MARTA