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The Mobile Driver’s License – Overview

Publication Date: Under Development

A mobile driver’s license (mDL) that is secure, accurate, interoperable, and that protects privacy is coming, and such a credential could well change the identity landscape in the near future.  A draft international standard is under development— ISO/IEC 18013-5, “Personal Identification – ISO-Compliant Driving Licence – Part 5:  Mobile Driving Licence Application” — and a number of states are piloting or implementing mDLs that comply with this standard.

This white paper will provide an overview of mDLs being implemented in the United States that comply with the draft ISO/IEC standard 18013-5.  The white paper will describe how ISO/IEC 18013-5-compliant mDLs will work, what to expect, and what challenges are faced in building an mDL ecosystem.

The white paper is currently under development and will be published in early 2020.  Please email [email protected] if you’d like to be advised when the white paper is published.