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Smart Cards and Identity Applications

Smart card technology is currently recognized as the most appropriate technology for identity applications that must meet critical security requirements, including:

  • Authenticating the bearer of an identity credential when used in conjunction with personal identification numbers (PINs) or biometric technologies
  • Protecting privacy
  • Increasing the security of an identity credential
  • Implementing identity management controls

Countries around the world use smart cards for secure identity applications. In addition, both government organizations and public corporations use smart employee ID cards to secure access to physical facilities and computer systems and networks.

Additional information on the use of smart cards for identity applications can be found on the enterprise ID and government application pages and from the Secure Technology Alliance Identity Council.

Identity in Cyberspace

U.S. citizens are increasingly using the Internet for sensitive transactions, like banking, mortgage applications, buying and trading stocks, and reviewing healthcare information. Given this, there are very real problems of identity management, privacy and security in cyberspace. Smart card technology (in various form factors including cards, USB tokens and mobile phones) enables strong multi-factor authentication on the Internet.

Additional information on the use of smart cards for identity applications in cyberspace can be found on the Secure Technology Alliance Identity Council page.

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