About Smart Cards : Industry Technical Contributions

Industry Technical Contributions

The Smart Card Alliance has created a web site area to provide access to industry-submitted technical contributions. By providing access to new technical approaches that are being proposed for standardization, the Alliance hopes to encourage open, public discussion and further technology advances that leverage smart card technology.

Organizations must submit a proposal for the Alliance to host their technical contribution(s) and all proposals must be reviewed and approved by the Smart Card Alliance Technology Vice Chair who will make a recommendation for approval to the full Board of Directors. The proposal must include a description of the technology/technical approach, the status of standardization efforts, the content that would be posted on the Alliance web site and the status of the intellectual property and patent rights. Organizations wishing to submit a proposal for posting should send it to info@smartcardalliance.org.

The Smart Card Alliance and its members do not endorse any of the technical contributions posted to this site. The contributions are being hosted to provide a service to the industry.

Posted Technical Contributions

Additional approved technical contributions will be posted as available.

Smart Card Alliance Discussion Groups

The Smart Card Alliance hosts fourLinkedIn groups, Healthcare Identity Management, Smart.Identity, Smart.Payments and Smart.Transit, to encourage public discussion of topics related to secure identity and payment applications.