Strengthening Information Security with Strong Key Management

Strengthening Information Security with Strong Key Management

Publication Date: October 2021

An increase in remote work has forced a digital transformation which calls for the urgent implementation of an information security framework based on zero trust. Access to a zero-trust network is considered hostile until proven otherwise, creating a critical need for data encryption.

This white paper presents key encryption as a viable approach to safeguarding sensitive data in the public and private sectors, explores the use of Hardware Security Modules (HSM) and delves into effective key lifecycle management.

The resource provides:

  • Zero-trust framework strategies
  • Utilizing Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) v2.1 certified Hardware Security Modules (HSM)
  • Leveraging key lifecycle management plans to cope with perceived risks and maximize encryption benefits
  • Employing tokenization to enable the secure substitution of a surrogate value for sensitive data