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Alliance Activities : Publications : Smart Cards and Biometrics

Smart Card and Biometrics Publication Date: March 2011 Click here to download the white paper. Biometric technologies are defined as automated methods of identifying or verifying the identity of a living person based on unique biological (anatomical or physiological) or behavioral characteristics. Biometrics can provide very secure and convenient verification or identification of an individual…

Alliance Activities : Publications : Assurance Levels Overview and Recommendations

Assurance Levels Overview and Recommendations Publication Date: March 2010 Click here to download the position paper. This document briefly lays out an interpretation for the four assurance levels outlined in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) M04-04, E-Authentication Guidance for Federal Agencies. OMB M04-04 states the following levels for authentication: “2. Assurance Levels and…

Alliance Activities : Publications : Identifiers and Authentication

Identifiers and Authentication – Smart Credential Choices to Protect Digital Identity Publication Date: September 2009 Click here to download the position paper. In a digital age, the reality is that simple identifiers (e.g., e-mail addresses, login names, identification numbers) are used without any protection and should be considered public information even though they point to…

Alliance Activities : Publications : Identity FAQ

Identity Management Systems, Smart Cards and Privacy: Frequently Asked Questions Click here for PDF version 1. How does information security affect privacy? The essential debate about fears regarding the loss of privacy revolves around the trust that personal information cannot, and will not, be revealed to anyone but those who need it for official business…

Alliance Activities : Publications : Healthcare Industry

Smart Card Applications in the U.S. Healthcare Industry Publication Date: February 2006 Click here to download the white paper [263k PDF]. Click here for information about the Smart Card Alliance Healthcare Council. Executive Summary John Taylor walks into the cancer clinic with his 7-year-old daughter for what he hopes will be the last time. After…

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