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Alliance Activities : Publications : RF-Enabled Applications and Technology

RF-Enabled Applications and Technology: Comparing and Contrasting RFID and RF-Enabled Smart Cards Click here for PDF version. Many applications are now using radio frequency (RF) technology to automatically identify objects or verify the identity of people. These RF-enabled applications range from tracking animals and tagging goods for inventory control to enabling secure payment and identification….

Alliance Activities : Publications : Contactless Payment Security FAQ

Contactless Payments Security Questions & Answers Click here for the PDF version of this Q&A document. The Smart Card Alliance developed this document to address questions about contactless payment security. The questions and answers below apply to contactless payment using contactless payment devices that have implemented payment applications from the global payment networks (i.e., American…

About Smart Cards : Applications : Transportation

Transportation Applications Smart cards are used worldwide in transportation applications, with millions of smart cards in use for both transit fare payment and parking fee payment. Secure Technology Alliance Transportation Resources Smart Cards and Transit Smart Cards and Parking Other Transportation Resources Secure Technology Alliance Transportation Resources EMV and Parking The Secure Technology Alliance Transportation…

About Smart Cards : Applications : Financial

Financial Applications Secure Technology Alliance Financial Resources EMV Credit and Debit Payment (“Chip and PIN”) Contactless Credit and Debit Payment NFC Mobile Contactless Payment Electronic Purse Payments Industry Resources Secure Technology Alliance Financial Resources EMV Biometric Payment Cards Card Payments Roadmap in the U.S.: How Will EMV Impact the Future Payments Infrastructure? Contactless EMV Payments:…
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