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U.S. Payments Forum

The U.S. Payments Forum (the “Forum”) is a cross-industry body focused on addressing issues that require broad cooperation and coordination across many constituents in the payments industry. This cooperation and coordination is vital to promote the efficient, timely, and effective introduction of EMV chip technology and other new and emerging payments technologies in the United…

EMV Connection

The Secure Technology Alliance developed the EMV Connection web site to assist all industry stakeholders with EMV migration.

Alliance Activities : Publications : Contactless Payments: Proposed Implementation Recommendations

Contactless Payments:  Proposed Implementation Recommendations Publication Date: January 2018 Click here to download the white paper. We live in a rapidly evolving digital world—a world in which consumers are usually connected.  This increased connectivity is altering consumer expectations.  Consumers now want payment to be faster, more secure, and seamless.  Issuers can meet these changing expectations…