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Alliance Activities : Publications : Assurance Levels Overview and Recommendations

Assurance Levels Overview and Recommendations Publication Date: March 2010 Click here to download the position paper. This document briefly lays out an interpretation for the four assurance levels outlined in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) M04-04, E-Authentication Guidance for Federal Agencies. OMB M04-04 states the following levels for authentication: “2. Assurance Levels and…

Alliance Activities : Publications : Identifiers and Authentication

Identifiers and Authentication – Smart Credential Choices to Protect Digital Identity Publication Date: September 2009 Click here to download the position paper. In a digital age, the reality is that simple identifiers (e.g., e-mail addresses, login names, identification numbers) are used without any protection and should be considered public information even though they point to…

Alliance Activities : Publications : RF-Enabled Applications and Technology

RF-Enabled Applications and Technology: Comparing and Contrasting RFID and RF-Enabled Smart Cards Click here for PDF version. Many applications are now using radio frequency (RF) technology to automatically identify objects or verify the identity of people. These RF-enabled applications range from tracking animals and tagging goods for inventory control to enabling secure payment and identification….

Alliance Activities : Publications : FIPS 201 Impact

FIPS 201 and Physical Access Control: An Overview of the Impact of FIPS 201 on Federal Physical Access Control Systems Publication Date: September 2005 Click Here to download the white paper [189k PDF] Click here for additional resources compiled by the Smart Card Alliance Physical Access Council to assist organizations in their implementation of FIPS…