2024 Identity & Payments Summit Agenda Explores How Industries Intersect Through Unified Identity, AI, Faster Payments, Authentication and More

2024 Identity & Payments Summit Agenda Explores How Industries Intersect Through Unified Identity, AI, Faster Payments, Authentication and More

Event features speakers from Mastercard, VISA, Entrust, IDEMIA, Giesecke+ Devrient, Bank of America, JP Morgan, iProov, Infineon, Department of Homeland Security

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., January 22, 2024 – The Secure Technology Alliance has just unveiled the agenda for its 2024 Identity & Payments Summit. The conference is the first of its kind in North America, dedicated to uncovering how payments, access and the broader secure identity industries converge in multiple vertical markets across the globe. The agenda features sessions on instant payments, unified identity, digital IDs and mobile driver’s licenses. It also explores AI, biometric authentication, physical credentialing, NFC, digital wallets and post-quantum computing, among other relevant topics.

The Identity & Payments Summit will be held February 26 through 28, 2024, at the scenic Westin La Paloma Resort and Spa in Tucson, Arizona. Register before February 2, 2024, to take advantage of early bird discounts for both Secure Technology Alliance members and non-members. Details can be found on the Summit website.

“Whether you’re a top-level executive or an up-and-coming professional, the Identity & Payments Summit is a can’t-miss event,” said Jason Bohrer, executive director of the Secure Technology Alliance. “It’s the only conference of its kind that is laser-focused on education, innovation and providing actionable guidance for overcoming the industry’s challenges. Our event is committed to creating a space where stakeholders can ensure the continued security and convenience of identity and payment systems for all.”

Day one:

The conference will begin with a thought-provoking keynote by Tony Ball, president of payments and identity at Entrust. The session, “Unified Identity for the Modern World,” will delve into the ongoing rapid transformation of identity and ways we can ensure seamless and safe journeys across digital and physical spaces.

Day one will also include plenary sessions on the latest trends in authentication, presented by Visa, a look at AI and its considerations for secure identity and a roundtable on the payment networks’ perspective on secure identity, featuring Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Visa. Attendees will wrap up the day with engaging vertical market and technology-driven breakouts. This will span healthcare, transportation, retail and education – and touch on biometrics, physical credentials, NFC, UWB, Bluetooth and AI use cases.

Day two:

The second day of the event features three exciting plenary sessions, before shifting into two agenda tracks tailored to payments professionals and the identity and access sector. Plenary session topics include trust frameworks and identity in the cloud, innovation in digital wallets and financial “super apps” and identity and payments in the post-quantum era.

The payments-focused agenda track is packed with industry-driven content, including sessions on faster payment trends, navigating advancements in payment operations, strategies for reducing chargebacks, compliance implementation across stakeholders and a look at the state of the payments industry, with key insights from industry partners EMVCo, W3C, FIDO and the Secure Technology Alliance.

The identity and access track will delve deep into the technologies and challenges impacting the broader industry. Sessions will explore state-by-state insights on progress in mobile driver’s license (mDL) implementation, physical access control, passwordless technology in the enterprise and persistent security across identity and access markets.

Day three:

The final day of the conference is closed to the public. Instead, the Secure Technology Alliance’s associated Forums (the U.S. Payments Forum and Identity and Access Forum) will host their quarterly members-only meetings. The meetings are a space for cross-industry collaboration and professional development, allowing Alliance members to address emerging technologies and potential industry pain points in a non-competitive setting.

During the U.S. Payments Forum’s meeting, speakers will lead discussions on industry trends from the global and domestic payments networks perspective, along with insights from issuers, merchants, acquirers and processors. Meanwhile, the Identity and Access Forum’s meeting will include panels on megatrends in the identity industry, first-party trust and the convergence of identity and access management. The meeting will also include an inspiring keynote address by Eric Jorgensen, DMV director at the Arizona Department of Transportation, on the evolution of digital IDs in the state. Finally, it will wrap up with a session from the Department of Homeland Security on biometric and remote identity vetting, and a session from Amazon on identity and access management in e-commerce settings.

For a full list of topics that will be covered at the Identity & Payments Summit, visit the agenda page on the Identity & Payments Summit website.

For continuing updates on the Identity & Payments Summit and related topics, follow the Secure Technology Alliance on LinkedIn and use #IdentityPaymentsSummit to participate in the conversation.

About the Secure Technology Alliance

The Secure Technology Alliance is the digital security industry’s premier association. By collaborating on education and guidance, the Alliance helps enable efficient, timely and effective implementation of large-scale, disruptive technologies. Its U.S. Payments Forum is the only non-profit organization bringing together merchants, issuers, payment networks, acquirers, processors and technology makers on neutral ground to develop resources for the betterment of the payments industry. The Alliance is also strengthened by its Identity and Access Forum which is dedicated to advancing the adoption and development of secure identification, including physical and digital technologies. This includes mobile drivers’ licenses, access control and various forms of identity authentication. For more information on the Alliance’s activities, please visit https://www.securetechalliance.org.


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