“Acquarena Brixen”: South Tyrol’s biggest waterpark puts its trust in the technology of n-tree® and LEGIC®

“Acquarena Brixen”: South Tyrol’s biggest waterpark puts its trust in the technology of n-tree® and LEGIC®

Acquarena Brixen offers its visitors 365 days of well-being! The combination of indoor and outdoor swimming pools with a wide range of wellness activities makes it a waterpark that is unrivalled anywhere. The extensive leisure and wellness area with over 14,000 m² of water and green spaces is the perfect place for enjoyment and relaxation. Adults, children, senior citizens and families–all are equally enthusiastic about this exceptional “world of adventure”! The versatile ticketing and access control system has been supplied by the Austrian technology company and LEGIC partner n-tree solutions Ticketsysteme GmbH.

At the entrance desk the visitor is given an n-tree microchip bracelet carrying a contactless LEGIC transponder chip. This enables the visitor to take full advantage of everything the waterpark has to offer. Food and drink, wellness services, solarium visits–everything can be paid for conveniently without cash. The n-tree microchip bracelet can be used to keep clothes and valuables safe in the cloakroom. Information on the time of stay, the personal locker number and reserved products and services etc. can be retrieved at any time on special information terminals. Throughout the entire visit the visitor can do everything without having to use cash or awkward keys. All-in-one: a microchip bracelet for everything!

Ticket, electronic purse and locker key–all the visitor to the Acquarena waterpark needs is the n-tree microchip bracelet with LEGIC technology. In addition to all the relevant access information, the chip also stores all money transactions. The debiting of the card is completely reliable and guarantees correct charging for food, drinks and services. The visitor does not have to settle the bill until leaving the waterpark. Readers at the exit barriers collect the media for use by the next visitor.

365 days of well-being–that is what Acquarena Brixen aims to offer its visitors! That is why the operators chose the n-tree solutions visitor management system with contactless technology from LEGIC. Smooth operation, security, flexibility, reliability and maximum visitor comfort. Even the locker system, the typical “eye of the needle” in leisure facilities, has been perfectly integrated in the overall visitor management system by means of an online solution. The maximum number of visitors is limited by the availability of lockers. The online locker system provides the operator with important information on the occupancy level. That allows variable control of locker allocation depending on the utilisation of the system.

Dietmar Umundum, CEO of n-tree solutions: “Our declared aim is to increase the commercial success of our customers. Many underestimate the role of locker management. Optimum visitor management is only possible when key areas of a system are integrated.”

Stephen Neff, Vice President Sales & Business Development at LEGIC Identsystems Ltd, adds: “We are delighted with the successful deployment of LEGIC smart card technology at Acquarena Brixen. Leisure facilities in particular can benefit from the flexible and highly secure LEGIC all-in-one-card technology. The contactless identification with the contactless LEGIC Smart Card offers maximum comfort for the user and flexible control for the management.”

n-tree solutions has been developing and marketing versatile network solutions for leisure facilities since 2000. n-tree visitor management systems have already been used successfully in 240 projects in more than 20 countries.