Activcard Unveils Updated Smart Card Management System Delivering Unsurpassed Security For Corporate And Government Digital ID Cards

Activcard Unveils Updated Smart Card Management System Delivering Unsurpassed Security For Corporate And Government Digital ID Cards

ActivCard Identity Management System™ (AIMS) Enterprise Version 3.5 Minimizes the Time and Cost of Issuing and Maintaining Trusted Digital Identities with Enhanced Interoperability for Microsoft® Environments

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA–November 11, 2003–ActivCard® (NASDAQ: ACTI), a leading global provider of Secure Digital Identity and Authentication solutions for secure remote access, secure single sign-on and digital ID cards, today unveiled the most sophisticated version of the ActivCard Identity Management System( (AIMS). AIMS Enterprise version 3.5 software minimizes the time and costs associated with deploying and maintaining trusted digital identities. AIMS Enterprise is the ideal solution for provisioning multi-function smart cards including the data, applets, PKI certificates and other credentials associated with each card throughout its lifecycle. ActivCard offers the only comprehensive solution on the market that allows organizations to issue and manage trusted multi-application identity cards for securing and simplifying access to networks, applications and services–no matter where the users are.

CTOs, CIOs and IT professionals are becoming increasingly aware of the expense and security risks associated with managing a proliferation of username/password credentials and the ongoing cost of leased tokens assigned to each user. A single multi-function smart card can securely store PKI certificates for digital signatures and secure email, biometric and demographic data, one-time-passwords, as well as card applets for a variety of uses. AIMS Enterprise streamlines the transition to smart card-based digital IDs by consolidating those credentials into a single enterprise user ID card.

“Today, organizations are charged with locking down their businesses for the highest levels of security, while achieving a balance of empowering their employees with the freedom to access information from any place, at any time,” said George Garrick, CEO of ActivCard. “This new version of AIMS Enterprise makes it easier than ever for an organization to move to smart cards that protect the enterprise’s digital assets, while increasing the productivity of its people.”

AIMS Enterprise provides all of the necessary functionality required to issue and maintain smart cards throughout their lifecycle, including but not limited to: smart card enrollment and issuance, post-issuance updates and help desk, auditing, reporting, key management, and user self-service support tools. The advanced card management system from ActivCard automates the processes for issuing and revoking permanent and replacement cards, including all credentials associated with the cardholder. AIMS Enterprise enhances and supports the widest wide range of directories, certificate authorities, smart cards and databases on the market.

AIMS Enterprise is a key component in ActivCard’s Corporate Access Card™ (CAC) solution for achieving a proven return on investment by consolidating credentials and improving IT security. By centralizing digital identity management with a smart card-based access system, the enterprise can use a single device for both network security and physical security resulting in lower hardware and support cost than those disparate systems running separately. A single Corporate Access Card can be used for photo ID, building access, and computer and network security applications.

“There are signs of growing interest in corporate enterprises about using smart cards as part of an overall identity infrastructure and management solution. With any broad-based solution that might entail the cards, a management lifecycle capability is essential. In fact, such projects won’t be successful without them. Providers that can deliver effective card management solutions in pursuit of an overall identity management strategy will find success as smart cards emerge within the enterprise,” said Earl Perkins, a Vice President of Security & Risk Strategies at META Group, Inc.

AIMS Enterprise 3.5 Improvements

AIMS Enterprise 3.5 reflects the aggressive improvements made to ActivCard’s existing Digital Identity and Authentication solutions and features the most advanced security capabilities available to enterprise-class customers. These include:

  • Enhanced interoperability for Microsoft® Environments including support for the Microsoft Windows® Server 2003 Certificate Server, Active Directory® and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Unique Self-Service Wizard to handle common support issues and card updates
  • Automated Key Escrow and Recovery capabilities to streamline the issuance of replacement cards
  • Post-Issuance addition of PKI certificates and applets–providing a future-proof solution
  • Integration APIs to enable development of automated processes and synchronization with external systems such as building access and provisioning systems
  • On-Card Key Generation for the creation of secure digital signature keys
  • Improved user interface for administrators, security officers and end users
  • Improved set-up and configuration utilities for faster deployment
  • Improved ActivPack™ interoperability to ease secure remote access administration

AIMS Enterprise version 3.5 is available to customers immediately. For more information, call 1-800-529-949 or 1-510-574-0100. E-mail:

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