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CSEIP Recertification

What is CSEIP Recertification?

Recertification is a means for CSEIP-certified individuals to enhance the value of the certification by demonstrating that they have maintained the knowledge of the original certification and are current with new requirements and changes in the technology of E-PACS systems. The CSEIP certification itself is awarded by the Secure Technology Alliance to individuals who complete the three day, comprehensive CSEIP training class and pass the hands-on practical test and written exam.

Why Should I Recertify?

Recertification extends the value of the CSEIP certification by demonstrating that the CSEIP certificant is current with new requirements and refreshes the knowledge of the original certification by studying, and taking, a recertification exam every two years.

Recertification provides confirmation to industry colleagues, business partners and potential customers that the certificant:

  • Maintains competency and has the necessary working understanding of Federal E-PACS system requirements, system design, engineering and life cycle disciplines covered under the CSEIP certification
  • Is proven to possess continued eligibility to participate in contracts serving Federal E-PACS project

How Long is My CSEIP Certification Valid?

Your CSEIP certification is valid for two (2) calendar years after the year in which the certification was awarded, in line with federal agency requirements. You can check your CSEIP certification’s validity here.

What are the CSEIP Recertification Dates?

The online instructor-led review course is four hours, and is from 10 AM ET – 2 PM ET. The hour-long exam follows, from 2 PM ET to 3 PM ET. Here are the recertification dates:

  • Jun 21, 2024
  • Aug 19, 2024
  • Sep 13, 2024
  • Oct 21, 2024

How Long Does the Recertification Exam Take?

The CSEIP recertification is approximately four hours (the hour long exam follows), and is conducted as a live, on line instructor-led webinar. Questions may be submitted electronically during the webinar. At the end of the instructor-led training and review period, an online multi-choice exam will be administered. Individuals must receive a grade of 70% or higher to achieve re-certification.

What is the Recertification Fee?

The recertification fee is $545 for non-STA members, $435 for STA members (20% discount applied), and $390 for Government members.

The fee includes:

  • CSEIP Re-Certification Guidebook (electronic only)
  • 4 hour online instructor-led review course followed by the exam
  • Online Re-Certification Exam

Certificants who do not pass the re-certification exam can take an online retest exam for a fee of $100.

NOTE: To enjoy the usual Recertification rate, please register before your certification’s Expire Date.  If registration for Recertification is done within the 6-month Grace Period after the Expire Date, a flat rate fee of $765 applies to all. If Recertification is still not taken within the 6-month Grace Period, to be certified again, one must need to take the whole CSEIP Training and Certification Program.

How Do I Study and Prepare for Recertification?

Once you register for recertification, you’ll electronically receive recertification training materials. You’ll be advised to study the initial courseware and training materials, as well as relevant and current Federal standards and documents.

How Do I Register for Recertification?

Who Do I Contact for Questions About the Recertification Preparation, Online Webinar or Exam?

For any questions relating to the preparation, webinar, exam process or studying materials, you can contact Lars Suneborn, CSEIP training instructor, 1-703-904-2389 (cell), or [email protected]. For registration questions, contact Jay Armocilla, Membership Administrator, Secure Technology Alliance, [email protected].