Alliance Activities : Certified System Engineer ICAM PACS Training and Certification Program

CSEIP Training and Certification Program

CSEIP LogoThe Secure Technology Alliance Certified System Engineer ICAM PACS (CSEIP) training and certification program provides advanced training for systems engineers on how to set-up and test E-PACS to align with government-wide specifications. This GSA-approved training program will provide the training and certification required for E-PACS engineers employed by commercial organizations that are looking to bid on GSA procurement agreements for access control systems. To ensure that procurements of approved E-PACS for GSA managed facilities are installed properly, GSA requires that all billable work performed on such systems be done using certified system engineers.

This comprehensive program will provide systems engineers with the necessary training to demonstrate their ability to efficiently and effectively implement PKI and federal ICAM architectures for E-PACS and meet all federal requirements.

The program has a core classroom training curriculum and hands-on training to teach engineers best practices for set-up and testing E-PACS. The program will provide:

  • A comprehensive three-day program including two days of instructed training and a third day of review prior to written and practical exams. The CSEIP training program is led by Lars Suneborn of Identification Technology Partners (IDTP) and Bryan Ichikawa, Secure Technology Alliance, both certified as CSEIP instructors by the Secure Technology Alliance
  • A comprehensive set of course materials addressing how E-PACS work, how PKI is managed within the system and how the PIV credentials interface with the security system
  • A hands-on training exercise using approved E-PACS to demonstrate the engineer’s abilities to set up, test and configure PIV access control features within the security system
  • An online directory of certified E-PACS engineers that can be used by federal contracting agents to check if commercial organizations have meet the minimum requirements to be a bidder or be awarded a contract
  • CSEIP Certification qualifies for 17 ASIS CPE credits toward CPP, or PSP Recertification

Learning Objectives for CSEIP Training and Certification

The classroom training curriculum includes learning objectives that will provide system engineers with the knowledge to properly implement E-PACS. This is a lecture-lab training course. The first day is primarily lecture and discussion from a prepared training script. The second day is partly review of the lecture materials followed by extensive hands-on lab training experience on a live E-PACS system. At the end of the second day, there will be more directed question and answer reviews of the principles presented in the course. The third day is for the written and practical exams to demonstrate that each person has understood the E-PACS training principles and can successfully apply their knowledge to configure a test E-PACS system that will enable a successful end to end PIV-enabled access control transaction. The learning objectives are:

  • PKI 101
    • Public key infrastructure basics
    • Cryptography
    • Digital certificates
    • Certificate validation
    • Policy OIDs
  • Biometrics
    • How they work
    • How they support high assurance PIV credentials
    • How operational biometrics can enhance or undermine PIV identification
  • Credentials
    • Traditional ID badges
    • High assurance credentials
    • PIV data model
    • Credential types
    • Cardholder populations
  • Trusted E-PACS
    • ICAM
    • Authentication methods
  • PKI Configuration for trusted E-PACS (both classroom exercises and hands-on computer training)

Required Qualifications to Enroll in the CSEIP Training and Certification course

Each individual registering for the training must have the following qualifications prior to enrolling and taking the class:

  • Must have at least one PACS manufacturer certification for design and installation of a PACS
  • Must have at least one year of configuration and installation experience for PACS
  • Must have configured and implemented at least one complete PACS system in the field (software set-up and configuration a must)
  • Must have knowledge and experience using contactless smart card ID badges and reader technology
  • Must have a basic understanding of network technology (e.g., routers, switches, IP addressing, LAN technology)

Application for CSEIP Training and Certification

To be credentialed as a CSEIP, you must meet the minimum requirements, complete an application, attend the three-day program and pass the written and practice certification exams.

Fees for CSEIP Training and Certification Program

The CSEIP program cost per person is $2,745 for non-members. Secure Technology Alliance members cost is $2,195 (-20% discount), and the Government rate is $1,975; (-28% discount for government employees only, excluding commercially contracted employees working for government agencies). All fees include:

  • Three-day training program, including two days of instruction and hands-on training exercise, and one day for a course review plus the written and hands-on practical exam
  • Course materials
  • Written and practical exams. Participants must score better than 70% on the written exam; practical exam is pass/fail, based on successfully processing a valid credential and detecting an invalid credential on the test E-PACS system. Re-tests will be administered on Day 3 of subsequent training dates at a cost of $275 per section of the exams
  • A Cancellation Fee of $150 will be charged for any cancellation, request to reschedule, or failure to show for a scheduled training class unless notified at least 2 business days in advance
  • Certificate and listing in online directory of CSEIP engineers (upon successfully passing the exams)

CSEIP Program Dates

Candidates can register for the next training and certification with their application. Below are upcoming dates for scheduled CSEIP Training and Certification:

Location Training and Exam Dates
The Training Center at Identification Technology Partners
Identity Technology Partners, Inc. 12 S Summit Ave #110, Gaithersburg, MD 20877
Jun. 25 – 27, 2024
The Training Center at Identification Technology Partners
Identity Technology Partners, Inc. 20251 Century Boulevard, Suite 330, Germantown, MD 20874
Aug. 27– 29, 2024
The Training Center at Identification Technology Partners
Identity Technology Partners, Inc. 20251 Century Boulevard, Suite 330, Germantown, MD 20874
Sep. 03 – 05, 2024
The Training Center at Identification Technology Partners
Identity Technology Partners, Inc. 20251 Century Boulevard, Suite 330, Germantown, MD 20874
Oct 29 – 31, 2024

CSEIP Recertification

Your CSEIP certification is valid for two (2) calendar years, and you can recertify to keep your certification. The CSEIP recertification exam takes less than half a day and is conducted as a live, on-line instructor-led webinar. Learn more about the CSEIP recertification process.

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