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LEAP/CSCIP Membership Application

LEAP membership is an annual subscription to an resource library that is open to all individual professionals working in the smart card industry in the US and worldwide, regardless of whether their organization is a current member of the Secure Technology Alliance. LEAP membership fees are billed in advance for one full year, than billed on a prorated basis for the remainder of the calendar year in the second year so that all LEAP memberships will renew again in January of the second year and in each year thereafter. 

Certified Secure Technology Industry Professional (CSCIP) training and certification is an option for LEAP members, but not a requirement for LEAP participation. Only complete the CSCIP training and certification registration section on this form if you wish to apply for acceptance into the CSCIP training and certification program. CSCIP applicants who complete their CSCIP certification must maintain their LEAP membership for their CSCIP certification status to remain valid.

If you are unsure about your membership status, please check the current Membership List.